Spent some time on dating apps, collected a good number of contacts of lays that agreed. Then pre-evaluated the “then-after getting laid what next?” And find it worthless to call any. Anyone else like that here?


I have just blocked one, haven’t even met yet she is calling me early in the AM and late in the PM like I am her soulmate or something

Twanga vitu na you tell her you got transferred out of the city…Mimi tangu nitoke Nairobi nipelekwe huku Kisumu, hii ukame nimekubali tu inipige na vile hiyo corona inatisha hapa

Ask this guy,then you’ll understand the full upshot of PNC

Flesh peddlers. They “peddled for him” but he chickened out, probably he realized he can do better :smiley:

Nah she’s a 37 year old, not worth the trouble, if she was younger probably would have.

If you are looking for quality lays, you won’t get tht on dating apps. Those apps are just a crutch for people fearing to do the dirty work on the ground, and hence you are rewarded by disguised digital flesh peddlers. Totally not worth it!

Hauna marafiki wanawake wanaeza kupea?

Kupewa yoyote tu sijui niaje. Inakaa tu worthless tu

I learnt about PNC kwa hii kijiji, many years ago nikiwa kijana machachari, never understood that after sex feeling. Village psychiatrist should explain this phenomenon. The way and how to be precise. And why not everyone experiences it. Watu wa Lanye hasa

Tuanze na swali. Have you ever laid a girl you would not hold hands with in public?

…yeah but many years ago

If you want to know PNC, go back to your old ways. It will hit you hard.

Wanaitwa vampires, they are only seen in the guise of darkness.

Sahi nimetulia hata stress ya relationship sikumbuki how it use to feel like. …

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Kwani what did you want to happen after!!!?

Zi got married in 2014, nina maboyz wawili 7 and 5 and a beautiful wife kutoka sendro. So far so good and i thank God for that.

7 years. Na hii generation. You’ve really tried. Siri ni nini mkubwa?