Praying mantis hapana macheso

When I was younger, my parents would warn us that these little fuckers could enter your nose and fuck you up. I always thought it was something they said to scare us children but nevertheless, I always covered my nose whenever I spotted one. Yaani these ghaseers don’t give a shit, they’re always ready for war. And what’s painful is that they start eating immediately, they don’t have time to wait for their prey to die. Imagine umeshikwa na cannibals mahali , wakati unafungwa kamba, kuna wengine washaanza kukukata wakitafuna nyama yako, eish!!

Na the fuckers eat all types of stuff. Si insects are supposed to primarily eat plants? These ones eat even lizards, snakes, other praying mantis, rats…waaah! Just imagine if they were larger, hizi zingetesa kutesa.

Niaje admeffi. Grabbing threads from Nairaland to keep traffic going on this umefii site now? Ghaseer takataka. : D :smiley: :smiley:

You’re just another pea-brained bonobo. That video was posted less than a month ago and already has more than 8.5 million views. That makes it a viral video. I’m sure it’s been shared on thousands of websites.


What that means, bonobo, is that not everyone who comes across it first saw it on some shit Naija website. Anyone who visits Nairaland with its dull colours, crammed UI, and overall ugliness must be a useless piece of shit in real life. That’s just my humble opinion.