Am appealing to all my Muslim and Christian villagers to say a prayer for my dad who will be undergoing a surgery on Monday. He was diagnosed with cancer and has spent two months in hospital and two weeks in icu. This has drained our family financially as we have settled a bill of 3.4 and on monday he is supposed to deposit 300k for the surgery. Our only hope is God as we have nothing left to do.
For those who would like to support us financially i can give you my mum’s number, just sacrifice one bottle and you will save a life. So when praying just remember him i believe we are one big family.
@admin you can pin this so as everybody to see.
Thanks in advance.

Barua ya chief ?

You can joke as you want but i think no one can invite trouble. Anyway we are different.
Mcheka kilema ata kwao iko

Am used to not reading anything (most of) you post, but yes, that is serious. Hope he makes it through the surgery

I hope he recovers quickly.

Hope he get well soon

Quick recovery

All will go well. He is in my prayers

Pole. The sad thing with cancer is that it drains you financially, mentally and physically. Having gone through this, I understand what’s happening in your lives.

It may be hard to raise funds directly through your mum’s mpesa, simply because this method has been used by cons. That’s why someone asked for a chief’s letter up here. Its a legitimate concern, don’t take offense. Why not set up an account or paybill number with a name that shows legitimacy, eg xyz medical fund, etc.

Wishing your dad a successful surgery.

we are with you in prayers bro.

Am with my sister here and only mum is at home and am sure she isn’t capable of setting up the paybill.
My grandpa also has been fighting the same for 15 years and i can tell, its no joke.

In my prayers!

Pole ndugu!!

Do it yourself. Of course mum hawezi.

Pole Bro. All shall be well.

Pole,may he get well soon

He shall be well. All shall be well

Get well soon.

Wishing him a quick recovery.

Thanks great family