powers za MCA

kwani mca anaweza simamisha a national goverment project?hapa sub county kuna project ya kujenga firestation na iko funded by gava na world bank na mkadarashi alikuwa kwa site hiyo saitan ikasimamisha hio project

Yes, if they pass a motion of the same at the assembly. Governor anasema mini ama they are also hitting back at him. Shida ya hiyo project ni nini? Shamba ama pesa?

He’s doing it because you’ve allowed him to. If the people were to demonstrate that they’d like for it to proceed, it would.

Even in our rural home has such issues. A fairly large market is to be built for fresh produce. Funded jointly by world bank/national government and county government to provide land. Local Mp lobbied successfully to the previous governor to have in one centre. The MCA now wants it in another centre and its delaying the whole thing.

anasema ni shamba,lakini si hio firestation once completed si itakuwa mali ya county?

Hii yote tu ni underhand tactics to get sorted.