POWER (TV Series)

I can’t get it enough… Jeez!!http://www.gstatic.com/tv/thumb/tvbanners/10426936/p10426936_b_v7_ab.jpg

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How i wish it was me you were talking about like dat!

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my niccur

Biraru siku hizi nyege zimezidi ama ni mating season lower Lavington?


mimi sina nyege.am just going around the village

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hii ku dwyfwy chipo na mayai inakuwetea shida


@Female Perspective kwani kuwa paged increases nyege like that?


I thought team mafisi wankuwanga na nyege 24-7.

Keyword hapo ni you thought. Sasa tafakari hayo

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Am horny 24/7 what are you talking about?

@Female Perspective is looking at y’all like [ATTACH=full]11621[/ATTACH]

Let me taste your mutree…might sing the same tune

If you want to derail this thread…pris let’s have a dick measuring contest! Wekeni mbisha tufanye erection

:D:D:D:D @kijanamrefu please come and serve your purpose here. thirst alert!

Power is full of surprises. How did Tommy and Lobos cope after their arrest?

Comment reserved till next week.