Power is an Illusion

The new nyamira governor has fired all CECs few minutes after being sworn in. I heard these guys were rude to him during the deceased governor’s tenure. Kweli power is an illusion. Wameenda nyumbani wote.

Awache upus anafukuza watu kazi waende wapi katika huu muda wa corona and job insecurity/no jobs available?

Na tena on New Year’s eve … right before njaanuary!

Kisii fury manenos.

Same happened to those cunts who poured water in Nyoro’s office and later took away his official car for ‘repairs’. One day you are the cock of the walk next a feather duster. Never disregard people banae!

Payback’s a beech:D:D:D:D
Hata mimi sisamehei magaidi wakujifanya they own the office

That is a constitution requirement ,wacha siasa ya peni mbili.

A Lannister always pays his debt