Power inverter help..

My power consumption in the house with everything on including a 1000watts water pump is roughly 2000watts. I want to install a pure sine wave solar inverter charger. What wattage should I buy? I want to use it off grid…
Links and contacts of those dealing in these items please…

Contact me on my inbox asap. Sales and installation if needed.

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Scandinavian Solar Systems, Ngara. Talk to a guy called Ville. You may Google the contacts

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Noted. Thanks

At the minimum, you need
A. 2.5 kva pure /modified inverter charger
B. Four 200 Ah gel/maintance free or lead acid batteries depending on your pocket… (very important aspect)
C. Cabling
D. Good charge controllers. insist on MPPT charge controllers
E. Change over switch. I use katko
F. You mentioned off grid, so you shall need four 200 Watt solar panels or equivalent
This is a good offgrid system


Get your facts right what you have is a 1 horse power pump, thus 750 watts, there is no 1000 watts pump… Weka mbisha… Funny all the people advising you here have not noted the discrepancy.

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If you want power Backup of up to 72 hrs, you only need A, B and C above and you forget about blackouts

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and E? Ama itakua online?

Yes also E. But depends on clients budget. Kama anatoa do kidogo i use the normal switch and plug

Check www.su-kam.com/power-solution/inverter-ups-home/fusion-commercial-ups
locally dealt by
Ju we ni baller I suggest you import this

Na huyu jamaa wa mjengo anajua mengi … Naona muhindi hajakupeleka vibaya sana

Hehe muhindi alinipeleka course @vuja de

Sawa boss. Its actually 700 watts but there are also items I may have forgotten that’s why I rounded it off.
Mbisha ya rounding off hakuna…

Buy a 2.5 kva suakem inverter, 4 delcom deepcycle batteries and 3, 7.7amp solar panels. Hiyo ingine wachia mimi. U don’t need a change over switch if using off grid.

You sure the rating is not in VA?

1.How will you charge the batteries without the charge controller?
2.what are the batteries capacities?
3.i prefer having kplc or a generator on stand by since the sun won’t shine all year round. Hence the changeover switch. You cant use solar purely, that would be lying to the client. And the name is Sukam not suakem

Solar is no joke my friend. If you buy unwisely you will end up with alot of expensive junk, and a lawsuit for the other party… this equipment i am mentioning here are not for the poor … Ukiona mtu ameinstall a working system which powers everything in a large house that’s not a small boy.

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Uncle Nyam, can you please to an average 3 bedroom home together with cost estimate tafadhali?

OK, i will do one for backup which means storing energy in case of blackouts, and one for solar. The difference is the Latter uses the sun to charge