Poverty Kills Over Ksh3,000- Sad!

A 25-year-old man from Githumu village in Kandara, Murang’a County has committed suicide after he was allegedly unable to repay a Sh3,000 loan which he had borrowed through a mobile phone app.
The body of Samuel Ng’ari was found dangling from the roof of his room on Monday evening after he left his parents at their farm where they had gone to tend to crops.


According to his father, Robinson Kimani, they were together with their son in the farm when he excused himself without telling them where he was going.
But later, the young man’s mother saw a rope hanging from the roof of her son’s room which is next to the kitchen.
“When we came from the farm, my wife went to the kitchen to prepare lunch and that’s when she saw a rope in the next room where my son sleeps and suspected something was wrong,” Mr Kimani told the Nation.

he he he, Kama ni Mimi siwezi jinyonga na bado ya mchinku iko

What a selfish thing it is to kill yourself.

Kama yeye anaweza jiua juu ya 3000 since angepatiwa thao ana kumurder? good riddance to bad rubbish, hata America iko na Deni

@SledgeHammer tupe maoni

nitishwe na huduma namba,saa hii ni ebola,last week bibi,CRB, dry fry pale st joseph,alafu nijinyonge,but why?

ikiwa raisi wetu gatheca anadaiwa na wachinku matrillions dollars na hajajiwuwa, sina deni inaweza kuniogopesha.

There was something deeper…must have been. 3K - pesa ya @Female Perspective - ni kidogo sana

Nothing here, just Darwin at work…

Survival for the fittest. Natural seelction at best, the weak will even eliminate themselves. Now we need Trumpman Carpotte and @Kimakia to kill themselves and this village will have all Alpha males

Irony is mazishi yake takua more than hio 3k

Meanwhile, K Talk Tycons, they are looking for you at the airports.

[SIZE=6]Tycoons’ abandoned planes put on auction to clear KAA parking fees[/SIZE]


Fifteen aircraft abandoned at the Wilson Airport are on the verge of being auctioned to offset rising parking fees after the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) declared them a safety risk. KAA, which is in charge of operations, safety and security at all Kenyan airports, has given their owners one month to claim them.

Most of the planes are the type used by business tycoons and politicians for short flights, while others are commercial aircraft.
“The aircraft must be removed within 30 days from the date of publication of this notice and upon payment of all outstanding charges and any incidental costs including the cost of publication of this notice, failure to which the said aircrafts will be sold by public auction and proceeds of sale shall be defrayed against any incurred charges and the balance if any shall remain at the owner’s credit but should there be a shortfall, the owner shall be liable thereof,” reads the Kenya Gazette notice.

One local commercial carrier owns one of the abandoned aircraft that has a capacity of up to 55 passengers, including three crew members.
The Dutch model F27, whose wing span extends up to 29 metres, is registered as 5X-FFD, which is a Ugandan registration number series. Kenyan aircraft are registered with the initials 5Y.
The aircraft are said to have accumulated huge parking and landing fees arrears. KAA did not disclose the fees and penalties owed by the airlines.
Wilson Airport insiders say some of the aircraft have been abandoned by their owners for more than 10 years and have accumulated charges to the tune of millions of shillings.

While some were said to be in serviceable condition, others are only worth their scrap metal after years of inactivity and theft of parts.

Regional carrier Phoenix Air, IAP Group Australia and Superior Aviation companies are also listed as being owners of one aircraft each.
The small planes are mainly used for chattered short flights by the rich. Aviation rules require that planes parked at gazetted points like airports.
There are about 100 helicopters in Kenya, most of which are used during elections when politicians traverse the country while hunting for votes.

It costs up to Sh170,000 per hour to lease a light plane. Owning, operating and maintaining one is an expensive affair.

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Poverty is a state of mind most people are born into.If you have it you have a 70% chace of poverty that is why people from poor families are almost always broke yet if you come from a rich family even if you are stupid you most likely end up rich.

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