Lets invite Potus the ktalk way by making as many words as possible from the five letters.
While at it nominate the talker you would like to interview him if it were possible.

Which five letter word? OBAMA or POTUS. I nominate nairobilay.

Napia uweke ile swali ungetaka kumuuliza

POTUS; when and where did you loose your virginity? and who was the quail?

POTUS:Are you a foreskin holder like your brothers?


POTUS, Does wifey like it hadi kwa mkia?

POTUS ni mjaka; huyo most def ni team DFHKMBLBHNKN

This is downgrading the village


POTUS,When You go to a gas station do u fuel ur beast from the exaust pipe or at the gas tank in the middle?

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Tell these niggers the truth, you are elected - no, appointed to protect AMERICAN interests zealously and at all costs [and nothing else means shit] and that is what you are up to even as you “visit Kenya”, right?

My vote is for… Highschooler. Kama atakuwa amemaliza shule.

POTUS: Are you #teamkawasaki? And if you how many times do you use ‘farmers’’ :smiley: (arimi’s)?

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O nominate okiya ama wacha tu.

If President of the United States = POTUS , President of the Republic of Kenya=PORK, then President of the Republic of Nigeria=?

I may be late to the party but riddle me this, POTUS, will you let me welcome Malia on behalf of Mafisi Sacco when she follows your footsteps and comes to visit her fatherland next year?

While we’re at it, POTUS, what was the name of that dank strain that you smoked in campus… you know, the one that made you go “duuude, I wanna be …like… president one day, maaan.”?

Holy hell, before I forget, POTUS, did you reeeealy smash that Malaysian rezzy with the sweet bedroomie eyes in a broom closet, or is the bird on my shoulder out of his ass?

I nominate @wondering wonder

Hold that, POTUS, no answer needed there… I know when you’re not snooping through my browser history, you’re out there handling biz like eery other Kenyan :D:D:D fist bump