Postwall Single Mazas are Suffering

I like live rhumba music so last week I was at an undisclosed spot watching a band play. Btw I am only 34 so msianze kudhania mimi ni rika ya Guka. Sasa katikati harakati za dancing hapa na pale, I met with this mumama :D. Because she was alone I asked her to join our table and she obliged.

The band stopped playing around 9pm hapo so ikawa dj anacheza mostly local vernacular music. Pombe vile ilikuwa inaflow mumama naye akaanza maconfessions. My two friends sitting right opposite us could see us whispering here and there and based on their facial reactions I could only imagine walikuwa wanaona leo naghula mumama.

Anyway, mumama tells me she separated with her husband in 2010 and she has 2 sons. The oldest is 23 and the younger one is in a boarding high school. She tells me she rarely cooks because of her busy schedule as a cereal seller pale Gikomba market na pia food for one haina appetite. She even shows me a WhatsApp conversation with a certain Luo guy based in Migori Town who supplies her with cereals from Tz. One thing that caught my attention in that conversation is a GIF from that guy, showing a man massaging his dick. So, I look at the mumama in the eye like “WTF” written allover my face. The mumama tells me “unajua tu wanaume mkisia mtu hana bwana.”

So, I tell myself let me see how naughty this 43-year-old single mama is. Wueh. She starts touching me inappropriately chini ya meza. I tell myself, this mama must be lying because she must be a pishori babe. Nikajiambia hapa siwezi kunywa beer na glass tena. Anyway, she shows me photos taken at her store and her M-Pesa transactions with that Oduor guy from Migori to ascertain that she is indeed doing cereals business.

Mumama starts telling me venye ako na kutu. Eti “Mimi nikimwaga tu mara moja niko sawa for the next three months.” Nikamuuliza nani huwa anampea hiyo service. She starts telling me eti ni young men like me. “Unajua kwanza nyinyi wamaasai mko na nini refu” as she puts her hand on my lap. Now, the naughtiest of the night she tells me, “unajua life begins at 40. Kwa hii miaka yangu ndio mwili inataka sex sana.” I tell I thought at early 20s is where the hormones are at their peak. She responds, “si mimi nimepitia hiyo stage? Hapa niko ndio moto iko mingi.” At this point I am really feeling sorry for her. Like is this how these postwall single mothers suffer?

If what she told me was the truth, I am really pitying the current generation juu single mothers ni wengi ajab. Wakifika hapo postwall stage they will really suffer without sex as men are more often attracted to younger, beautiful women.

Anyway, my buddies and I left at around 10:30pm. I ordered 2 bottles of Guinness Smooth for her, and I pretended that I saved her number as we were leaving.

Fala 12 who cares?

Uko na machungu. Kwani wewe ni mtoto wa singo maza?

Another empty debe making lots of.noise.

Pengine huyo ni mama yake

Show us your scholarly works mf. Burukenge

Ungetulia tu. I wonder how you gon cope with 70 more retarded messages on the way. Already @magreb ashasign register bado wengine wako on the way.

Hukutomba, huna number, hakuna picha. Umbwa wewe.

daaaamn! that’s cold.



Umbwa pia wewe. Slum dweller from Kondele

Hekaya iko Sawa but a few thermal images would have made it credible

If a man left, he left for a reason. Don’t sympathize with such women. If she was as good as she said, the man would still be coming to de rust her.

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Ii story yote ni null and void mpaka tuone video. Uko na taste ya mumama wa harrier na una vent out ati ni confession.


Is it wrong for a guy to be in a relationship with an older woman? Acheni niwachangamshe kidogo

I once met a woman, I was 29 by then. Kwa shughli zangu za hustle tu. Alikuja kama customer wangu. She was about 40. A single mum. She became a regular client. In the process, we exchanged numbers and even became friends.

Sasa, she began to like me. I was single by then, but had never imagined to date someone older, plus i thought maybe she has a husband. I only came to learn later that she was a single mum.

Wueh, mama akaanza kudevelop feelings. Ananitext mpaka usiku, kapicha amevaa kanight dress. You understand those suggestive signs. Na mimi kuna vile ikafika mahali I started being attracted to her. She was beautiful. One thing led to another, until siku moja akaniinvite kwake. The kids were away, so it was just her and the house help. Food was served, tukakula. As we ate she cook steal glances at me, anasmile. She brought some drinks too. Tukakunywa. It got late. We watched a movie and she insisted there was no point going home, and that she would feel alone.

Sasa wacha niwaambie. We went to bed. Mimi naye hii game si naelewa. I went slow on her. Kissed passionately, my hands all over her slowly, kissing her neck, her b**bs. In a while she started moaning and i realised she just came. I think she had stayed for long without a man sababu ile nduru alikua anapiga wacha tu. We did what we did and i left.

But after that, she got addicted to me. Saying she had never felt what i made her feel. To be honest i also enjoyed but i didn’t want to have things go beyond that. But she could hear none of it. So we agreed to date for a while until nimalize contract. But the few months, she was over the moon. she said i made her feel like a young girl all over again. When it came time for me to leave the town, she almost caused drama. Hakua anataka niende. But i left either way.
Shindeni salama.

Hii story yote bila climax, no punchline. So, non-story. But she got beer from you, she won

Empty debe making noises. Chifu wachana na filamu za ngono.

Hata kiss na hug hupatiii. Looser unebury this story tu deep in your psyche

If it has anything to do with sex women can’t suffer in that department.
They are overwhelmed with options unless they are too old

The area women care & worry about is providing, paying bills