Posta eyes Amazon deal....

The Postal Corporation of Kenya is looking to clinch a deal with US e-commerce giant Amazon, which will see it become their logistics partner in Kenya.
Amazon officials will visit Kenya between October 17-19 to discuss the impending working relationship, with the State firm hopeful that it will ink a deal before the end of the year.
“Amazon is the biggest e-commerce company in the world and they need a footprint in Kenya and in Africa. We want to be their logistics partner in Africa,” Dan Kagwe, postmaster-general told the Business Daily
The impending deal comes as sector regulator Communications Authority of Kenya is rolling out a national addressing system, which will involve the numbering of streets, buildings and homes to boost the local e-commerce industry by easing door-to-door delivery.
The United Nations agency in charge of postal services, Universal Postal Union, is also eyeing a partnership with Kenya to establish a regional e-commerce hub.

I hope this pans out well, especially the national addressing system for the sake of ease of commerce for local businesses, and for consumers who rely on emommerce obtain merchandise. Posta is on the right path

Its true CS Mucheru has been leading those talks for a few months and years now. Its going to happen.

Then KRA waambie wawache that predatory practice ya ku overtax bidhaa. Bila hata hiyo address system, if naweza chukua something at my nearby post office bila stress itasaidia Sana.
But this will kill hizi biashara za resellers

if they can have a way of calculating tax before checkout, it would be perfect - otherwise you import something and you are the discretion of the guy at customs,

Kazi mzuri

Posta will need to be disbanded, rebranded and reinvented. The kind of corruption goes in there is rampant.

I think what you mean is privatized… Govt has no business bieng in business…

Niliona kuna watu hapa wako against haya maendeleo nikashangaa kama wanaelewa how easy it would make things to have a physical address for every property in the country

People think its just assigning names to streets and numbers to houses. Its a digital mapping of Kenya. Survey the whole country land mass electronically through drones, choppers and planes. Register all land on that electronic grid and then assign streets and house numbers. I saw the demo that was done for Nairobi and its incredible. Its perfect for planning. You can tell which houses have utilities or not. Power, water, fibre, sewerage. You can also tell whether the area has paved roads or not, schools, hospitals etc. Its perfect for planners in county, national and private sectors who are in the service sector. Nairobi has 1000 streets and only 200 of them are named. Majority at the estates remain unnamed. This will complete the digitalization of land register countrywide and that alone will act as a catalyst to extend the property boom and create billions of stamp duty fees for the transaction of property sales. A secure and transparent land register will end conmanship in the sector and more people will get confidence in land transaction.

The second part is the biometric national census where people particulars will be captured but also their biometric like finger prints and retina scan. If you combine the two you have a complete digital network of Kenya and planners will now know how many Kenyans are there and where. Lastly the new electronic ID’s will follow that has all your details, birth certificate, education particulars, NHIF, NSSF, KRA PIN, National Housing number, driving licence etc.

Hapa kitunguu inaweza nuka. When are they tendering?


Hehe. Sante.
(Kiswahili malikuja na mbusi)

That was already issued, this is not a new thing, Geomap has been pushing for it for years since they mapped Rwanda. Then its not broken down to different services. Its been meetings and planning for years but now its doing the work.

wacha nisome nielewe how drop shipping works nikuje niharibu hii biashara

they should have done this in the 60s when households and door numbers were countable. wangekuwa bigger than safcom sai. walilalia, and everyone lost trust in them


They do this with DHL already