Post Your phone Applications.

I have an Android powered phone, free time and a good internet connection. I would like to discover and try out new phone apps today. So please post the ones you have installed which you use and like. I just want ideas.

You can post a screenshot ot you can just list them with their functions.


Strava for cycling (cheki maneno) and mighty text for bulk sms on pc.

You dont use PowerAmp?

iPhone 6.

I didn’t know about it. Thanks

Nice. I don’t cycle, but I will try them anyway.

I use an android phone.

Home screen

apps page 1

apps page 2

I have 2 camera apps: Google camera for normal plus HDR+ pics and Camera FV-5 which I use to take Raw images.
I prefer reading my mails on pc but Blue mail works fine away from Pc. I prefer it to Inbox by Google due to its UI and ease of use.
CF.Lumen by chainfire dims the screen at night to help me sleep. better at nightmode than Flux which is a battery hog and crashes frequently
clipstack acts as an enhanced clipboard. saves all my copied texts and I can easily paste using it.
Es file explorer is my preferred file manager. Millions of features without the use of plugins like Solid explorer(had to get a refund after getting bored with it on day one of usage)
Evernote for note taking and syncing with Pc: good for those random ideas. save em there then work on em later
Ex Kernel Manager. the best kernel manager in my opinion. sadly it ain’t free so peasants mjipange.
Good time is you want to work without distractions and also tell you when to rest

Greenify to hibernate apps when am not using em eg Instagram.
Instagram which is a good hunting ground for puthy
Liveboot_ i hate my boot animation so this displays my logcat as boot animation. pia to impress friends.
Luckypatcher- nimeshindwa kulipa 5usd for Titanium backup
Naptime for the deep doze if on mashmallow
Browser: Operamini for my normal usage and chrome dev for a full browsing experience. chrom dev is faster n better than chrome beta n normal chrome in my opinion.
play music my fav music player. used to be a phonograph guy but kinda got bored nayo.
pushbullet to exchange links between phone and pc and also to send pics between the two
Quickpic te best gallery app for android
Termux which is a Linux command terminal for android. you can do anything nayo

Swiftkey- my fav keyboard
Titanium backup to backup phone data especially during those ROM flashes
Xposed Framework… if you don’t know about it then don’t bother. here are my modules


Aaah pole kaka.

How do I take a screenshot of my Chinese IPhone Android windows phone?

mimi hushangaa nikiona isheep wakiringa how their phones are better but give no reason


@Deorro ii ni simu ipi inakaa iPhone? niambiwe angalau mwenye atatusi mmi hapa chini nimtombe na kijiti safi

Let me give you one: Why jailbroken tweaks work better on iPhone than rooted android phone.

97% of iOS tweaks work by ‘hooking’ into existing code and changing its behavior. Think of puppets and strings - the puppeteer is forcing the puppet’s body to move. With Android there’s another layer - shouting instructions to the puppeteer, who is simultaneously controlling every puppet in the building.

Android apk files are java applications. Java is an interpreted language, and most Android apps work this way. It is difficult to hook into an interpreted language, because you have to hook into the interpreter.

Most of iOS is written in xcode and objective C - this gives it a big speed boost over interpreted languages and lets tweaks talk directly to the target without dealing with a go-between.

With iOS tweaks, you’re telling the driver where to go.

Tweak → iOS/App.
With Android, you’re adjusting tire pressure so that the vehicle will go where you want it regardless of the driver’s choices all the while hoping another car doesn’t crash while you’re doing this.

Taking notes… My apps are so basic… I prefer stacking my PC though… Phone ni ya ku follow up na puthy and the idle times you want to bet online…

Sawa, @Deorro!

haha watu wa infinix tukae wapi

Java is an interpreted language? Have you EVER done any programming? :D:D:D:D Java is a compiled language so this argument makes no sense entirely. :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:

Wherever you copied your argument from it’s wrong…read reddit coz I know that’s where you got it :D:D:D

The only reason why iPhone is more performance effective than android i.e. you will see iPhones pack 1-2GB RAM and perform the same and an Android phone packing 4GB worth of RAM is, because Java uses garbage collection which requires a ton of memory while iOS uses an object use count which is far less memory intensive.

Also the iPhone is A LOT more restrictive on background apps any swift/objective-c programmer can tell you this hence you will not find unnecessary RAM being hogged by countless background jobs as compared to an android phone.

Good boy! It’s a layman’s explanation!

Hakuna layman explanation kama hujui difference y interpreted n compiled language