Post Xmas Covid surge zero ICU capacity 1 person dying every 10 minutes in LA, deadlier strain emerging

Americans are paying back for their evil sins. They are dying like dogs

They have no money since Trump won’t sign for their next stimulus, no food, no hospitals. Third world problems.

God is punishing them like what HE did in Sodom and Gomorrah for their sins. Homosexual and lesbianism is an abomination. Wacha wakufe Sisi the meek and straight we will inherit that kingdom.

And then these fools implemented travel advisory against us due to covid.

Free healthcare exists for Covid. And he signed the bill. You really can’t go hungry in the US. 500k will be dead by April.

Citizens from UK are being blocked to many countries.


Haha. Another video. But trust me on food. There public and private resources.

Some of us like it that way. Hatutaki wageni pia. Hata kwa nyumba. Bear in mind no one is starving here. Welfare aplenty for anyone in need.
The only folk I feel for are the elderly in terms of seeing their families. But even that is catered for in the interim. This is where that profession that Kenyans denigrate so often comes to mind. Carers are raking it big big time.