Post Wall validation. Betas aka real men kazi kwenyu. Give her likes and and don't forget to comment how she's woke and still 'got it'

Anyway these are things I would expect a 21 year old to post not a 37 year old woman. The wall is real and the quest to be validated is also very real. Kama huyu doest believe that she is old and therefore resorts to posting provocative videos on social media for attention :because she can’t get it in real life from the men around her.


Ile leso yangu imekauka?

I would smash

We all have a right to body autonomy but we should encourage a healthier lifestyle and goal, sadly some people can’t tell the difference between encouragement and body shaming which is individual harassment and end up causing these fat acceptance movements that demotivate people from working out and being healthier

Ati if I causes you pain?

here here

the irony here is that, most of you here who view and refer to women in terms of post wall, cellulite , sagging titties, single mothers and all those derogatory terms, is that you present your sorry selves to them, and you will be rejected, hutapata maku hataa.


Ulikuwa umempea nani aoshe?

Why do people upload themselves on social media doing such things?
I just don’t get why a grown woman would do this and post for the world to see.

Then you have seen nothing yet:

LOISE WA JKUAT - Sex & Relationships - Kenya Talk

Nakata mshahara.

She has a killer body. She has reason to flaunt it. Sura ndio alipewa ya mwanaume.

The only problem naona ni anakaa insecure about her age otherwise angepost tu video bila hizo remarks. Mimi sioni shida na hii video and amejaribu kujimaintain at 37 unlike most women who become obese 3 months after moving in with a nigga.

This post was for pick me niggas like you. Congratulations

Thank you, keep it with your good work.

She is four years younger than me. To me she is young and sexy.

Kila nyani na starehe yake…

Niaje mtu fossil?

A “big” Engrich. :D:D:D

Niko poa baba