Post 8/8

We cannot predict the future; heavens! We just human beings

But I have the highest IQ in this village, so I can look at the facts and make intelligent guesses on my human level

Guess, I am using my IQ superiority better… (wait for it…) … than y’all!

My wish to leave the country before y’all go savage is well documented…

It is documentation that got me to this thread.

Question: how best can i secure my original academic and assets documentation in another country, even before i leave the country? I dont think its safer me zururaing with them all over in a foreign country.

See, i might need to start another life if it all goes hell typa haywire

since you have the highest IQ, mbona unauliza watu ambao wako na low IQ?.. kumbaff


firstly, you don’t need that qualifier for the sentence. it is fine with the correction i’ve made.
also, if you DID need it, you would use the preposition “at” and not “on”.
sawa mr intelligent?


the use of ‘on my human level’ is distinctful and purposeful…

You should have asked the purpose instead of gibbering with intermittent punctuations and failed attempts at brilliance.

it’s still wrong. regardless of how much you yap. sawa?

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