porsche cayenne

Am always amazed at how this moti picks and overtakes as if the other cars are stationery…For the birrionares in the village who has sampled it to give a little insight on its pros ,cons and performance? …And I’ve never seen its manual version do they only produce autos?



Following the car reviews or [SIZE=1]Benja who is signalling in getting the cayenne :)[/SIZE]


:D:D what do you think?

Exactly what you are thinking … [SIZE=1]after Him.

There are no Manual transmission Cayennes. To truly experience the Cayenne, you should go to a dealership, or log on to the website and build your own version. You’ll be amazed how you can personalize it. Loads of pros. I just don’t get why they have diesel versions. I hope this changes in future models. IMO, the 4.8 Turbo S version is the best if you are not on a budget.


The base model has a 300-hp V-6; the S makes 420 hp, and the GTS makes 440 hp, both from a 3.6-liter twin-turbo V-6. There’s also the S E-Hybrid. All have an eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive. A leather-lined cabin and infotainment with navigation make it a comfortable road tripper.

I own one .
Was my dream until I got it.



Let me put this clear, am neither a billionaire nor do i own a Porsche. However, I’ve tried a hand on it once (A relatives), nbo to Meru, via Nanyuki. I fell in love. You don’t have to floor it to feel the power, what do you expect from a 420HP engine. The best experience was from Timau upwards to kisima (for those familiar with the area). That car would chew those hills like cassava, so effortlessly, it made me despise my 1.8-litre supercharged four cylinder engine, its meffi. Ni hayo tu.




Darn it! with the manual transmission you are your cars master

440hp twin turbo? Jesus christ! speedometer mwisho ni ngapi?

maintenance wise iko vipi? apart from being a guzzler, rumour has it that it can do km mob before being serviced.

Almost 99% of them that I have seen are driven/owned by Indians.

if you’re used to other cars utadhani uko 100 Kumbe your doing 160

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Dude this can’t be a cayenne. Cayennes speedo does 290km max

For me I mostly see women

Its a Touareg on steroids. Great car if you can afford it

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