Pornographic Homework

How can the teacher ask my nursery-school son to draw such an erect pig?

He’s asking me what is that thing down there, na sina answer.


hahahhaha…na bado wacha afike class five…utaomba serikali saidia…

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Diary inasema “draw and fill the missing letter”. Mbisha imekataa kuingia.

Kwani class five wanachora real thing?

son? just tell him ni kitu ya kukojoa…he can relate…


But he’s right. If he is in reading and writing simply telling him its for kojoaing will allow him to understand.

Class 5 ni digestive system na breathing system… Class 6 na 8 ndio wako na Reproductive system.

True…dealt with reproductive system tho curiosity starts at class five na story za AIDS…

First time i heard of the word vagina and vulva. Really drove my curiosity up. Though hungeuliza mtu juu ya fear

Seems like a photo or quite complex painting beyond the capabilities of a nursery school kid.

mwambie ni mutii

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No, it’s a snap of the ECD workbook with the exercise. Simu yangu ndio imeitoa hivyo.

Fungukia mtoto,isitamani atoe information kwa frienda juu utachoka uliza babangu akwambie vitu nliturn out to be

boys will always be boys