Pork business

What do i need to set up a pork butchery?
And how much do i need to invest in it for start up?

Uliza Huyu omwami


you need pig meat in order to start pork butchery,it 's as simple as that

Would you recognize a pig, if you saw one?

This business will be the end of you

How?..village gayy unafaa kuuliwa kama ni uislamu imekukakataza pork…homosexuality is worse

Location , location ,location and a reliable supplier .

dead pigs i guess[SIZE=7]¯_(ツ)_/¯[/SIZE]

What about licences

Hello, we have a detailed guide on the Pork business… The other day we gave the Gym guide free, but for this please check http://www.kenyaknowhow.com . That said great margins. Differentiate in the way you cook. Very basic requirements. Which region?

Pork is haram





Hehe haya attached is the pork guide free of charge…Usiogope to invest in market research. Visit http://www.kenyaknowhow.com for more data.