population control

I think we need to face reallity…a lot of the problems we are facing could be solved if
the population was reduced.Traffic…food…housing…security.The quality of life will improve…now the problem is who deserves to live and who doesnt.Resources are limited…siku hizi kila mahali kunajengwa ploti…how long can this go on before we reach a level which is not sustainable.im not advocating for genocide or such atrocities…what do you think?

Unaishi wapi na umetembea wapi? Swali tu.

You can start by killing yourself and your offspring others will follow


Nimetembea enough to note that there is a population crisis.

This topic is a hard one so your sentiments are understandable.Nevertheless it warrants our consideration.

Pangeni uzazi. Na mhame Nairobi.

Doctor what do you think of culling…

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Population crisis? Sema watu wanajazana kwa town. We have a national population density of 74 people per sq km. Around the same as the US. But a ridicolous ratio in Nairobi.

overpopulation is a problem in urban areas watu hawataki kuishi ocha

I would neither propose nor support it. Besides, i don’t think we have an overpopulation problem. What we have is crowding in a few areas which is made worse by lack of planning and corruption.

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People should start appreciating ochas and put an effort to improve them, start businesses, agricultural ventures and enjoy the fresh air and water and low cost of living.

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like happened in garissa yesterday?

Shida tu ni development en enterpreneurship ventures in ocha. If ocha is better of or closer in terms of opportunities, I wouldn’t bother being 500km from home.

I thought many people would relocate to the counties but it seems folks are attached too much to some urban areas particularlyNairobi.

Sometimes I think we should do it like down in S.A. where the Judiciary sits in one city (Bloemfontein & Johannesburg), the legislature in another (Cape Town), the executive in yet another (Pretoria). In our case we could easily have the executive stationed in Isiolo, let Nbi remain the Commercial hub, have the Judiciary in a place like Narok and the legislature in a place like Voi.


Mhhh i think its correct then to say that only the urban areas are overcrowded…the problem i have with rural areas is infrastructure.

Population is self-regulating. When we overcrowd, a disaster happens and the population reduces. Ever read what happened to the Anunnakis?

I think even the british had that idea in mind initially.

china kuna watu wengi na hakuna genocide

nowadays infrustructure isn’t a problem, majority of rural town have electricity, water, tarmacked roads and internet. the problem to me is lack of opportunities, everything is centered here in nairobi. it would be nice if industries, govt offices and institutions are dispersed all over the country