[ATTACH=full]294205[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]294206[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]294207[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]294208[/ATTACH]: Pope prays alone under the rain in an empty St. Peters’s Square due to the coronavirus pandemic

what do you mean under the rain, there’s clearly a shed over his head, do you just choose to ignore.
Maybe it makes you believe he’s suffering like us

And he is not alone anyway.
There is a dude next to him clad in black.
He is probably the one suffering the most.
the pontiff is only putting on a show.

Just wanted to say the same thing


The shed is under the rain…

Then he’ll go fuck some alter boy ass pale Lombardy and then God will get more angry and kill him with Corona Virus

:smiley: Si kila priest Ni homo my fren most are straight hunyandua ma nun na mothers

The scourge is not sparing any person, even the religious hypocrites. God is angry and fed up with the systems in the world. He is not willing to listen to any more noise. Everyone has sinned and fallen short of glory of God. Only God’s grace will save mankind.

Chief Una enforce curfew ukitomba Bibi za watu

Share what you drink, little lady!

Niliacha hizo tabia Ango. SAA hii I want to live in righteousness and repentance coz I can see we are approaching the end times

I Agree. But not the pope.

Are you just trying to say what I just said but in a dumber way?