Pope kasafisa mecho Pt2

Wankers everywhere!

Poor young lass:D:D[ATTACH=full]340544[/ATTACH]

Okay this sh’t isn’t amusing anymore, let the pope be there are limits.

At least he is not liking pictures of underaged boys. And btw, the pope is following no one meaning for him to have found that picture he had to search for it. Haha catholics !!

He’s still a wanker :D:D


Alright Fam, I’d love to toss in a few choice insults in there but over time I’ve grown a different perspective on words and their power.

He’s just appreciating the beauty of God’s creation

and trying to bring back the lost souls to Christ while at it

Give us a break. You really love protecting these liberals. Sio Michael Obama… asitajwe.

Si huyu pope leftist liberal, pia yeye asitajwe.

Na saa juu umeskia Michael Obama akitajwa najua utafungua bookmarks haraka to Michael Obama’s legs.

Najua ume save 50 websites of Michael Obama’s legs just to impress patco. Alright post away. Here we go. Bookmark link 1…

Get laid Bwana, unasumbua sana

Ekelea picha za Michael. Usiogope.

Dry spell ni mbaya i tell you :D:D

The first time walisema ni intern anacheza na account. What’s the excuse now?? Not funny at all.

The Pope is just a human being. A male adult with a stick and two balls between his legs. Most probably they are in good working condition. No surprise there!