Pope Francis admits "....PRIESTS MAKE NUNS SEXUAL SLAVES..... " ...and it's rampant .

[SIZE=7]PRIESTS are hypocrites but LUCKY MOTHERF**KERS .[/SIZE]

Francis recalled that his predecessor, Benedict XVI, had been “a strong man” who he said had sought to remove priests who committed sexual abuse and even “sexual slavery.”
Francis spoke about a case in which Benedict dissolved an order of nuns “because a certain slavery of women had crept in, slavery to the point of [SIZE=7]sexual slavery[/SIZE][SIZE=7] [/SIZE]on the part of clergy or the founder.”

A Vatican spokesman, Alessandro Gisotti, said later that Francis was referring to the Contemplative Sisters of Saint-Jean, a small group in France that confronted a variety of problems.
Even though the abuse of nuns gets less attention than the abuse of children and young men, it is not new. In the 1990s, as the child sex abuse crisis was starting to emerge in the United States, leaders of women’s religious orders wrote several reports calling attention to cases of priests abusing nuns.

[SIZE=7]Many examples came from Africa[/SIZE], where priests were said to have turned to nuns for sex during the spread of AIDS. One sister at the time, Maura O’Donohue, wrote of a case in Malawi where [SIZE=6]priests impregnated nearly 30 sisters in one congregation[/SIZE]. When they complained to the archbishop, she wrote, they were replaced.
Last year, a nun in India accused a bishop of repeatedly raping her between 2014 and 2016. The bishop was arrested after she reported him to the police, a decision that divided the local Catholic community. Many priests celebrated when the bishop, who faces trial this year, was released on bail.
In a high-profile case in Chile, the Vatican is investigating reports that priests abused nuns. Current and former nuns said the women had been removed from the order when they reported the abuse.



Maostrich zichomoe vichwa kwa sand.

Funny thing is that most cases are from Africa …

Rome needs repentance


leta videyo wakidinya nun

Mtu ana apply wapi part time priest?

Waambie tu priests wako na ruhusa ya kukula kondoo wao, wasahau raping watoto na nuns

Hao watu wakubaliwe tu waoe na wawe notmal family lives. Nothing can alter the course of nature.

Uliza @Liberty

ati part time , mimi naeza enda fulltime … i don’t know if it’s true but i think priests get :

- a free 4 * 4 vehicle (if church won’t provide , congregants watachanga)
-free accomodation
-free wine
-free food
-a high social status and respect.
-all the sexual desires they need from pure , tight nuns and ‘more’ anytime , anyday.
-they have the ’ protection ’ of the vatican church if they get investigated…
-they can fast and repent all their sins and still go to heaven .

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You do not call them hypociritic…its the best organization for anyone with a wishlist like yours…

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it’s not a wishlist , they get all these perks 100% , maisha ikikuwa ngumu siezi kuwa mwizi …i’ll become a priest !