Poor JaKuon

[SIZE=6][B]Rex Tillerson to hold talks with President Kenyatta[/B][/SIZE]

But “the main focus is to talk to the government,” Mr Yamamoto said in regard to Secretary Tillerson’s week-long visit to Kenya and four other African countries that commences on Tuesday.
Mr Yamamoto also firmly endorsed the performance of Ambassador Godec, whom the opposition has accused of siding with President Kenyatta in disputes over the validity of recent elections.
[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Some Nasa members of Parliament have called for Ambassador Godec to be recalled from Kenya.


This feature was retained beautifully!


i wish he could state that he is meeting with the peoples opposition leader just to confuse them further

Beauty is, whether they talk to the drunk nigga or not, doesnt diminish President Raila Odinga. or make him poorer.

poor sycophant!, nakuhurumia sana! utanuna hadi 2022??? will your life not move on because of jakuon?

Halafu akutane na Aukot. :cool:

Hehehe… I like that.

Jah have mercy. Jakuon would commit suicide

Siku hizi news items featuring Rao and Nasa zimetake back seat zinaair just before business news at 9:35 pm, they are losing ground mdogomdogo

poor, nope. i refused poverty along time ago. sitaki huruma. niwewe nahurumia

Their networks in media houses that gave them preferential coverage are being dismantled day by day.

Linus Kaikai, out. Larry Madondo, de-winged. Jeff Koinange, denied his prize clown, etc…

The day Raila sent goons to burn the United States flags outside the American Embassy didn’t go well with the State Department. And trump is briefed over such incidents and will ensure only deals with Uhuru…

Who does this to babuon?This is the second time am coming across such.