Poor JaKuon!

[SIZE=6]24 envoys say IEBC able to handle re-run

The envoys included Robert Godec (US), Nic Hailey (UK), Jutta Frasch (Germany), Bruno Pozzi (European Union), Mette Knudsen (Denmark),Victor Conrad (Norway), Ralf Heckner (Switzerland), Antoine Sivan (France) and Mauro Massoni (Italy).

Others are Sara Hradecky (Canada),Constantinos Moatsos (Greece), Frantisek Dlhopolcvek (Slovakia), Frans Makken (The Netherlands), Luisa Fragoso (Portugal), John Feakes (Australia), David Pavlita (Czech Republic) and Gavan Mc Cann (Ireland).

The others are Harald Gunter (Austria),Fredrik Folkunger (Sweden), Julia Pataki (Romania), Javier GarcĂ­a de ViedmaBernaldo de QuirĂłs (Spain), Hilde Van Inthoult, ( Belgium), Ramses Malaty,( Finland) and Sergiusz Wolski (Poland).

Knowing NASA, the fools might waste their 60 days agitating for another exit of the IEBC, instead of campaigning.

Remember, they do not have the registered voters to win a contest, and they lost a swathe of counties in August. Their only recourse is to destroy the game and then demand a share of the debris.[/SIZE]


On a serious note, tumerudi nyuma.


Election is all about the numbers. Wajitayarishe kurudi kortini tena. Wembe ni ule ule…


From the way Uhuru was speaking, if jakuon does not concede defeat this time round…


Atairishwe Kihii saaaaana!


I think they will stealthily prepare their support bases for PEV and wait for jakuon to fall for the trap of sounding the trumpet. From there onwards it will be HAIL MARY!!!


he said clearly and the way he was speaking in pain

Jubilee tumeanza campaigns. Hatutaki mchezo hii round 2.


Hey, that’s a no-go zone, Bro…


Ain’t nothing poor about jokuon…

Shit :eek:
Really? My house help was so worried given where she comes from. Told her this time round peace will reign. I really hope it will…
Plus his Sycophantic circle… Ain’t it too small to cause damage worth talking about…

I honestly think that the ruling even surprised Raila himself. The only advantage NASA has is they have data on the voters - what regions voted for them and who didn’t. So they can base their campaigns off there. But to overcome more than 1 million votes in 60 days is a pipe dream .


Kassin, these diplomats have in the past unfailingly supported JaKuon even when he sounded absolutely ridiculous. Sometimes it seemed like they were cracking up at he expense of Kenya as JaKuon ran roughshod flattening everybody that came across his path. It must therefore feel very strange for him to be ranting insane demands by himself like a drunken sailor. I hope everybody continues to ignore him and let’s see how long he’ll froth.

Seriously whom does he expect to run the elections with only 60 days left? Some rookies that he can intimidate and make pee on themselves? Jamaa amezidi… someone slap him for me.

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You know what? I don’t think so. JaKuon knew ahead of time what the decision was going to be. All throughout this campaign and history, JaKuon has never, ever called for people to be calm and peaceful. He’s always threatening and making demands that can never be fulfilled. It’s always his way or mass action, except the singular time.

Strangely on Thursday night, he was calling on people to be calm, to stay safe and that they will live to fight another day!! Tangu lini hiki kizee kimeomba amani? No, I honestly think that he had been told what to expect and he’s asking for calm was him trying to score some humility points. Our judiciary is screwed up.


Judiciary is fine. We gave them power to perform certain functions. How can they be screwed up when they perform those functions. This war really is between IEBC and Judiciary. Its not Jubilee vs NASA. That one is pretty much decided.


We obviously have different trains of thoughts on the issue. You completely ignored my hypothesis and gave me political soundbites. Don’t need them.


But Raila “not” calling for peace sounds political to me. Mass action means nothing in particular. Whether or not he calls for peace, the judgement would still be read. The government has all the resources to contain any squirmish. He did not know anything beforehand. And it does not matter anyway. The difference between 2017 and 2007 is that in 2007 Raila had support of the International community to seek resolution outside the constitution. In 2017 he does not.
NASA provided a very weak case and got a judgment in their favor. The Judiciary is simply making a statement to the 3rd party. They even said it. Nobody can read 70, 000 pages. Jubilee got caught in the crossfire.


No one is preparing for PEV; unless iletwe.


Chebukati himself admitted he’ll have to make changes to his executive…hii bile yenu na Jakuon itawachoma ndani iwamalize


Keyboard soldier, you only speak up when you’re drunk. You have a minute phallus

Hapa sioni uchaguzi ikifanyika