Poor African Peasants Fund European Soccer Clubs

African poor are being milked dry by betting companies that are channeling funds to Europe especially UK. 1XBet sponsors Tottenham Hot Spurs. This firm is owned by shadowy Russians and has very bad ratings globally.

They’ll never get that the house always wins. Some even list betting as a form of occupation, as if any betting company will let you consistently win more than you stake. Look at this foolish American boy, he placed a substantial bet on the Golden State Warriors winning.

What an idiot

Tulisema kila Nyani na starehe zake.Unaishi aje maisha basic ni kama kesho iko guaranteed.I do it for entertainment every once in a while and it helps me to cope with ferking life.Na deposit kitu like 300,energy drinks kibao na some cigarettes with good music hapo balcony.Nafika hapo live betting and play hadi that 300 mhindi akule.Some nights I actually get away with 3k+. It’s a degenerates lifestyle but huwa naona as a form of entertainment that I basically pay for.It saves me engaging in other stupidity.

At the end of the night I will update venye tumepelekana mhindi.[ATTACH=full]243485[/ATTACH]

This was a comedy skit,its staged. The boy has good acting skills though, he might have a future in hollywood:D

Betting ni ya low IQ individual peasants. Kama huamini enda ghetto uone most youth zao ni gambling to. Betting firms take advantage of their stupidity by dangling instant riches. The ghetto youth dont know the probability of winning those instant riches. For instance, what is the probability of correctly predicting 17 matches, bearing in mind that each match has 3 possible outcomes??

A simple jackpot win is say 10 million for 13 correct predictions. Minimum stake is 100bob. You would have to spend 159 million shillings to win that jackpot, on a balance of probabilities. Every time you play that jackpot, you are risking 16 shillings to win one shilling. If the math was this simple they would never bet. Too bad most dont see it.

Playing the jackpot (13 games) is like using 159 million on a gold mine with a 10 million payoff. You will lose 149 million and the business is not viable.

The real money is made by tipsters who sell odds.

Its not as simple as you want to put it,if gambling was just for mentally challenged peasants then gambling cities like Macau,Las Vegas,Atlantic city etc would never exist or people in countries like the US and China would not be spending billions of dollars every year on gambling.The thing with gambling is that it does not discriminate based on social classes because it preys on the human survival instincts of greed and fear. Whether you are a high school drop out or an Ivy league graduate,a minimum wage worker or a top executive you can always get hooked by the lure of easy money.

Gambling is just a very expensive hobby.According to the data below, US citizens annual spending on gambling is bigger than the Actual GDP of Kenya.


Educate that fool.Hapo vegas Casinos you will find all sort of characters from doctors to architects to politicians.It’s not an IQ thing but rather something to do with human nature.

Ata siku hizi tipsters wameanza kusota. Very few people are buying tips any more juu kuna vile wamegongwa sana wakizibuy.

Okay mortals we calling it a night.Went from 300 to just over 900.Withdraw 700 mara that that .We meet with mhindi tena kesho.There are ways you can actually win on this shit if you manage to be disciplined and follow a strict game plan.Will maybe do a thread about it don’t know.Yah probably mhindi atakula that 300 eventually but before that i try to get as many 700+ from his as possible.Hasta la vista.