Polo Sweaters

Hello talkers where do you guys buy polo sweaters in town, Those of you who wear them kindly recommend your suppliers to me.[ATTACH=full]247973[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]247974[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]247975[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]247976[/ATTACH]

It’s easier with photos bro. Even if someone doesn’t wear them he/she might know where you can get them.

thanks, I have added the photos

Eastleigh Towhid shopping mall G4o next olympic enda apo uyo mrembo atakusort.

Thanks, Randy how do I know the said lady could you be having her contacts ama any quick identifier to her place

Short brown kao girl anaitwa mary ama utapata chali yake.

sawa kaka will check the place, also looking for official trouser kama hizi any leads…[ATTACH=full]248002[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]248003[/ATTACH]

Enda amal plaza first floor ama umshow akuonyeshe mahali utanunua.

Thanks so much,hizi mashimo weuwe hujulia wapi fuana, will be on a shopping spree for this thanks for those suggestions, This will really save me the hustle of going up and down looking for the same.

Ujamuuliza khaki trousers na shoes.

Nairobi inabidi ukue mjanja … i can be very resourceful.

am not a fan of khaki sasa labda nimuulize mashimo za official shirts so as to complete that outfit,

sure very resourceful indeed, u deserve to earn a commission for those referrals…

Wewe nikipeana number ulienda?

Hehe… ntaenda

@Randy na official shirts especially the unchecked ones hupatikana wapi leta cordinates manze mimi nadai hizo.

Enda kwa shop ya uyo madam umwambie akushow ile place alikua anafanya works otherwise enda amal plaza 3rd floor you will find some nice semi casual shirts that can be worn as formal shirts.

If you have a good tailor it would be much better to have a tailor made trouser that is fitting well.

Can’t relate. I only wear Italian.

Which country are u in?