Politics (poor people land,we turn refugee in our own country)

Mi caan believe it.
Government waan fi move mi.
Mi tun refugee inna mi owna country.
But a long long time mi live yaso cant go no weh.
Dem really tek poor people fi fool, dem really tek poor people fi fool.

Oui misa babylon a weh u get da system yah from?
buldosa dung poor people land jah know seh mi nah vote again (no sah)
Cah di MP don’t give a damn.
A weh u get da system yah from?
bout seh mi live pon squatta land.
True mi don’t rich like Mattalon (no sah).
Mi a born Kenyan

most warasta wanatambua hii song by kartel,l normally never post politics lakini hawa watu hutucheza sana
apa simba 1 akigotea RWNEBP


Kartel pia si peasant, He is just pointing at the problems and not giving solutions.

“World Boss” ako na accomodation and free meals he is no longer a refugee.:):slight_smile:

Me pree dat. Get a like mi bredda.

:D:D:D:D:D pia yeye alijua hajui :D:D:D:D:D

orengo aende amtetee atoke

ile verse yake ya girlfriend na buster rymes noma sana

nicki minaj booty squeeze it :smiley: