Politician motorcades and bonobo behavior



I’ve encountered such convoys driving like maniacs pushing all other motorists off the road while heading to or coming from their festivals with blaring sirens (and Boda bodas) …Hizi ghaseer zinaudhi, not everyone is a voter. Such bonobo behavior is the reason why after vision 2030, big 4 agenda ,bottom up etc etc come 2050 Kenya will still be a 3rd World banana republic

bodyguards ,I wouldn’t like your job…



Kila msafara wa mamba haukosi burukenge

I am just imagining if I had a big truck and decided to stay on my lane wangefanya nini. Wangesonga back to thier lane bila kutaka hao mabonobo!

The first video, how do we know it’s RAO motorcade ?

Unfortunately you don’t have, you can only imagine

izo ni vitu nyinyi kama society mmekubali, hapana laumu politician.

For the second video, I somehow understand.

Kuna wakati nilikutana na presidential motorcade on those isolated rural roads. I continued in my lane without fear. But they were driving too fast I wonder how they are trained to do that