I will beat Raila even without your votes, uhuru tells kambas.

He stated those words today. Over to you @spear


Hii ndio unaita political suicide bw. VE?

Said the same thing to Turkanas just the other day


tunajua kushaibwo

Said the same thing in busia,sema tialala.

He just stated the truth. Even in Turkana, the plain truth. I wonder why he even wasted his time going there. In his second term, I’d advise Muthamaki to stop wasting his time trying to please these ungrateful nobodies. Focus 70% of development projects in Central and Rift Valley provinces. Let the losers shout themselves hoarse about tribalism. Just don’t give a fuck.

That’s the level of confidence I want for my President… Si kumbebeleza watu kama watoto…he knows he won’t get 100% of their votes

So, people from the other counties should be exempted from paying tax? This is a fallacy.

First you show your Kambas the middle finger by avoiding accountability (debate) then you utter such nonsense to them!

County funds allocation kama kawaida, central government allocation heavily skewed to benefit those who gave him the most votes. Isn’t that why people fight for “our man” to sit on the throne?

This is not the Nyayo error.

and thats why the presidency hupiganiwa hivyo! Its a mindset that is not completely true on the ground.

what are you smoking?

Moi still in power.

Today hakuwa Ukambani, Jana ilisemeka alisema hivyo but what I saw is My President telling those few who are shouting at him that its OK, he will still win without their votes. How that becomes an a front to the entire Kamba community is beyond me. However political propaganda is part of the game. Well played, tribal profiling is the default settings of everything opposition.


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Uhuru has the poorest of advisers. Sometimes I wonder if for real this nigga is a politician. Arrogance won’t help him get a single vote.

Look, Wote residents seem to be cheering his “arrogant” statements. Hii mambo ya kublow things out of proportion ni upus mtupu. Kwani wakamba wote ni chiefs? Hata kama alithreaten chiefs, how did it get twisted to mean he was threatening all Kambas? He’s clearly said “mimi sijui kudanganya”, and the crowd at the very least respects his honesty. Si kama yule kigeugeu mwingine huwa anatailor message kulingana na kile anajua mnataka kusikia.


Boss unajichocha, political goggles and earpieces wouldn’t allow some to even play that clip. Imesemekana alisema hivi na conclusion ni hii Kwisha. Let’s indulge this stories, we have only 4 days to go.