Political Muscle

…During his brother’s funeral, the mathira MP said their family has political muscle. Is it possible that the political muscles flex and he turns out to be the 4th governor of Nyeri county, considering the postponement of the swearing in of the deputy, yet in the previous instance, it was done very fast to avoid a power vacuum?

Mulize utuambie

Kuna mtu alisema hizi counties zitakuwa kama milki za watu ama familia fulani. Mkasema baba amesoma katiba hakuna haja ya kufikiria. Yuyo huyo baba si amesema katiba inahitaji marekebisho?

Kuleni jeuri yenu!

Deputy will be sworn in. That’s what the constitution states. Anything beyond that issajoke

sure, but lets wait and see. Anything is possible in this country of ours

…hear this… https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/ktnnews/video/2000143458/-david-mugo-we-are-not-swearing-in-deputy-governor-mutahi-kahiga-because-of-his-hunger-for-power

This is just politics. They’re trying to tell him to play ball. He’ll be sworn in and if he isn’t, then he’ll go to court to get the requisite orders.

He’ll be sworn in.

He will be sworn in…but after a few compromises, and blackmails too. nyama iwezi kuliwa na mtu moja

Mjionee… https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001259869/crisis-as-pressure-builds-on-nyeri-deputy-governor-to-resign