Political Economies (Mbeca cia erection)

Nduguzanguni, don’t cry for Baba. If you must cry, cry with one eye.

Do you know how much the guy made during this election cycle? Boss amepark birrions somewhere.

My point is simple, electioneering is a business. Please consider this:

  1. Owning a dominant party that can field candidates is a business. Wanaokotanga pesa mingi sana in nomination fees. Mirioni ya mapesa.

  2. Getting your candidates elected is a business. Wakishaa ingia ndani, they pay monthly ‘party fees’. Everybody from governors, senators, mps, mcas. Sema mirrionsss.

  3. Non-state actors ‘finance’ elections. Kuna time obasanjo alituma ship imejaa mafuta, ma snoops ndio hao na agenda zao za state capture… you’ll be surprise how much they get from people willing to bet on them so that they can get favors in future. Say mirriiooonnnsss

  4. Harafu, kuna MPESA donations. Naskia linda kura ilinet 250 Mirriiiooonn.

My guys, we should start a party. Hapa sokoni nitatafuta wamama wa kujoin party. The game is in fielding and loosing elections. You know, if you win, you must ‘deliver’. But if you loose, nobody expects anything from you. So you sit down and reap for 5 good years. Birrrriiiooonnns.


kama ungekuwa umefiliria hivo just five years ago,hungekuwa umejikatakata vidole kama miwa.