Police arrested me jana usiku just coz I was leaving a pub, why can’t they just go for criminals? Why run up and down with people who are seeking pleasure? I told them Raila Odinga will take over and they should start adjustments on how they will utilize their salaries because baba won’t tolerate corruption, one threatened to slap me but I dared him to try, I even offered my face, the idiot chickened out, they ate 1500, haitawapeleka mahali, I told them I spend 15,000 on alcohol weekly, that is close to their monthly salary. STUPIDS.


Some villagers spend more than that for a single sitting and they don’t go bragging that in a week they can spend more on entertainment that your own monthly gross income

Oh and BTW police only arrest people walking out of dingy places where you can’t blink coz of fear of being mcheled (Cc @magreb )


Una shares KBL?

Change your drinking spots ASAP. Go to places where policemen are arrested for trespass should they show up unannounced and uninvited. At my home pub, any officer showing up must identify himself/herself using his/her official Id, rank and state clearly why he/she is within the establishment. Otherwise mkubwa wako apigiwe simu.
EDIT:- it is cheaper in the long run. You don’t have to be a billionaire

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so you take hunters choice kaquarter,threaten the guys seated on the next table taking white cap,one of the guys zooms off to get police,you get arrested gives out a bribe of 15k and wakes up with a red eye…you didn’t have to do two threads for the same hekaya.

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You are not a criminal that’s why the let you go. At night or even during the day how are they supposed to tell who is a criminal or not coz criminals don’t put on uniforms. Unaona uli comply uka wachwa

unakunywa rent unalala kwa landlord

Natry kucount 15K kwa usiku moja and am appaled. I cant spend that kwa KBL