Police Shoot Student Protecting Dad's Illicit Liquor....Legally Valid?

A 20-year old student, Eugene Sebastian, was reportedly shot dead by the police while he was defending his father in Trans Nzoia County on Friday morning, December 11.

According to the parent, the second-year student at Kibabi University was shot twice on the leg and twice in the ribs while attempting to block police from pouring his father’s illicit liquor.

“I had asked him to open the gates in the morning and he met the police who stormed into the compound and they killed him,” the father lamented.

Eugene Sebastian, the Kibabi University student who was allegedly shot dead by police on Friday, December 11, 2020.

Eugene’s sister said that the deceased was their only beacon of hope and his fee had just been offset, allowing him to go back to school in January 2021h.

She added that income from the illicit alcohol had provided for the family for years.


Irate villagers confronted the police and stormed Namanjalala Police Post in an attempt to burn the station.

Police fired teargas to disperse the crowd and later engaged them in running battles.

The residents further attempted to block the officers from picking the body of the student until the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) arrived to confirm that he was murdered by the police.

The body was later taken to the Kitale County Referral Hospital morgue.

Trans Nzoia Police Commander Fredrick Ochieng confirmed that investigations into the incident had commenced.

Police effectively banned the sale of alcohol in the County during the Christmas festivity and also ordered clubs and bars to shut down.

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