Police Respond to Garissa Uni attack



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…he is “leaving no stone unturned”

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Looks like a scene from inspekta mwala


huyo wa sandles hayuko bothered. I bet he senior of them.

Oooiye kenya police…hata hawana bulletproof ama helmet?

i have some pics from the scene… its saddening hawa alshabab wanakua vichwa ngumu

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Tafash huko

Tafash huko…

huyu ni beste ya @Njamba Huthu wanajuana

They’re arming the gate ,wanafikilia watapitia hapo ?

white belt ni za traffic … this is truly sad

nini hii? o.O

Seeing is believing, tueke tuone wat is happening to other parts in kenya

check the recent posts… niko na hiyo picha ya class pekee :frowning:

I hear two police men were killed. hawa ni traffic police, aibu kweli

very sad indeed . 147 promising lives lost,:frowning: :frowning: smetimes i feel like the devil is in control
for the dead eternal life grant them O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace Amen

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Really sad and disturbing. What are we wananchi supposed to do now to stop such devils playing with our lives, beyond vigilance?

I sometimes feel condolences are superficial and that they undermine the real situation in greiving families.

Our policies en policy makers revolve around politics, mara police reforms, mara security bill but in the end it’s seen as a piece of paper to those it’s supposed to guide/ more workload so nothing positive comes in the end, leave alone monitoring its progress