Police Brutality

The police have brutalised the citizenry in a very big way this evening. I have seen tonnes of video footage of police taking advantage to beat up and chase people around, a move that is counterproductive to the prevention of infection transmission of the COVID 19.

I ended up feeling like akina @pamba have a grudge against the people for which they have been looking for an opportunity to revenge.

With media from other countries picking it, we are showing the world how ‘shithole’ we really are.

Umbwa @pamba ata post kesho…vile alinukisha kitunguu
Pedophile @Meria Mata anatomba watoi wa 14yrs

WamePora jamaa yangu…kifunguo ya gari wakatupa wakiendanga

they had one job
staying at home



the price of making sure we are safe

From whom?


I have always maintained the opinion that 99.9% of policemen are sadists.

They’ve also kept us from civil war, I say beat them to a pulp.

There is no good cop that is alive.

Only ‘bonobos’
Mkia vipi lakini

[COLOR=rgb(65, 168, 95)]Hii corona hakuna design inaeza kupata uende ukiendanga?

@Ndindu give/make a difference between or
Among negro and the cousin …the bibono


Hii ni ngori bana.

The Kenyan government is treating its poor citizenry as if they are second class human beings. One would remotely justify the police presence if the government had, in imposing the curfew, already taken care of the basic needs of its people. What is a man to do if there is no money, food, water or fuel in the house at the onset of curfew? Will he serve air to his family?

Some African governments are responding to a doomsday scenario by creating doom to their citizenry. We should not copy and paste the response other nations have to the “pandemic”. We should tailor our response in ways that suit our unique situations. Most other responsible governments will provide avenues for earning a livelihood, accessing food, water, fuel and medicine. I doubt that the citizens of China or the USA were (are) beaten to pulp such as the Kenyan Police is doing to ordinary folk

If my children were starving and I could get to the means to feed them, the police would have to kill me in order to stop me from accessing the means of feeding them. There is honor and pride even in poverty

We ni umbwa. Hebu toka nje utembee nchi zingine utoe ushamba kwa kichwa. Just visit other countries uone venye police wanaheshimu watu wao

Wewe ni umbwa. Baba yako angetumia energy ya kudinya mamako kupanda mti

mboss, Chinese folks were beaten thoroughly,or you think china brought wuhan to a standstill by just telling people to stay indoors? guys were maimed till it sank in, that’s why China brought the disease to control, in the western world guys are being pampered to stay indoors, the disease is spreading like wildfire, look at Italy.