Police boss forms special squad to deal with akina Johntez addi Gaza msafi

Expect corpses on a daily basis.

Hizo kunguni ziwe tayari kupokea chanjo courtesy of the gaament

They have become notorious, time to tame them and give them a dose of their own medicine

Mutyambai ni maliar ya kawaida tuuu. Who needs a “special unit” to deal with something as basic as muggings? They do it openly, with cooperation from the police. Mushienzi yeye.

I wish we could get a COPS miniseries or Vice News style documentary with journalists embedded in these police units. But our mboys are understandably camera shy given the nature of their work.

Let’s wait and see

The corruption and extra-judicial acts rampant in the force can’t allow them to be transparent

This i support
You find that these kunguni ni watu wa between 13 and 22 years, yaani trigger happy,they don’t have experience like older thugs ,they will stab you even when you cooperate

Hope it’s not a PR stunt

Hapo sawa…

How about forming a squad to collect bribes from matatus and other motorists?

It’s time hizo khasia zikomeshwe. Juzi wamedunga my ex upini ya rasa ati juu anatembea na fone cheap wasting their manhours kwa operation.

i wonder do we have an INTERNAL AFFAIRS unit ya kenya police kama zile naonanga kwa LAPD. coz majuu karau huwa wameogopa hao IA unit mbaya.

@johntez addi gaza msafi amepotea kiasi,yuko hai kweli?

Ghasiaa … majuu hujawai kanyanga.

Usinitag kwa thread za chifumbwakni tena

Haleluya ,you are alive? Chunga usibadilishiwe diet mtu yangu

Do this “special units” get “special budgets” of e.g kshs 3 billion to complete their “special projects” ?

This is the easier/cheaper way out. Instead of creating jobs and a good economic environment, afadhali watumie pesa kidogo kukaba uhalifu and pocket the rest. After they steal from kenyans, now they don’t want any more stealing.

Politicians spoil the economy, become the biggest crime brokers and then wonder why crime is spiking! Meffi hao

I.P.O.A ?