Pole shift catastrophe

This is all science, stop mixing science and your so called bible.

Then why worry if you can’t even add a single day to your life.

Yes, Bible truths are being vindicated by science. Hii dunia inakufa, wapende wasipende. Whether they plant trees or not it is game over. Scientists are so foolish to think they can alter divine plans. God is getting ready to destroy the world and all its filth with extreme prejudice. All the mountains you see, not one shall remain standing. There will be devastating tsunamis and earthquakes everywhere. Rivers will turn to blood. The sun will sear people with intense heat. Billions upon billions will die. What is fixing to happen is the stuff of nightmares and it cannot be stopped.

I don’t plan on being around so I’m not worried.

And this is where you realize religion thrives on fear

Africans will be here. I have a feeling that other people will self-destruct.

I was watching it on France 24 last week so Sina link. Pole shift is what made Sahara what it is today.

Huyu dame amesoma na ni illiterate at the same time.

Na wewe ni ‘mjuaji’ eh? Your name betrays you.

Quite frankly… Either you are deliberately advancing foolishness or you are truly religiously foolish…

I hope unajua ata Yesu mwenyewe anaweza kuruka, hapendi ujinga kama hii unajaribu kupitisha hapa…

Afadhali pastor wa Twa ! Twa !
Now that’s something we all love and can relate to instead of some mythical four horsemen of doom.

@ChifuMbitika, You’ve been doing late night shifts from over the weekend. Posting at midnight, 2am, 4am, 6am…and on and on.
And most of it is Apocalyptic, asking Talkers to repent. Loool.
About time you changed your dealer bruh.

My intention is quite noble, which is to alert all of you of the coming end.

Naona Pastor Owuor amekuingiza mix yake.

Sigwes kufuata huyo MTU!