Have this guy who visits my office twice in a month to drop some paper works (My part time job) earns me a buck or two. Now what irritates me is his endless questions ooh that new truck over there is new eh?your company bought it? how much? where did your company source that machinery?that’s your bosses car? how many personal cars does he have? I just give him partial or illogical answers but it doesn’t end.
There’s also this distance cuzo. whenever we meet on the streets he is like hey are you still living in the same estate? ukimwambia ulihama he will be looking for you over weekend just to come and see your new place and then he asks for the loo just to peep into bedrooms on his way inn. one day we met in town, i was from a pediatric , he asks hey where do you live now , am like …this estate. he is like i was even going to that side y dont you drop me around there and am like ok. tukafika and he is like i was meeting someone just around but lemi see your new diggs , okay. after tea and he has fed his eyes akasema hata huyu jamaa hashiki simu will just go back to town.
In which category in mens race does these two mofos fall in?

You definitely entertain it!

Wivu ndio shida, hao wanaeza kuroga


Probably the same category as you…sorry to tell you this son but you are just petty…oh and the word is pediatrician…good day


Stupid @Freestyle I was expecting a lesson in etiquette after reading your title. Hawa wengine wa poking noses ni wanaume kama mabinti


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Nosy but you entertain it

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Kuna mwingine ana nisumbua hapa nikiwa ktalk.


aih ! are u an introvert? mi naona watu wanakujali hapa and want to spend time with you but inakaa utaki wageni ur kinda paranoid and trying to push em away. wageni ni blessings wacha temper !

mii by the time aende next statement nishamput off. am good at getting audience and putting them off. tell. mostly in mombasa kwa mat is where someone engages you in a conversation like you are long time friends. i end up just nodding

You tell him you have a lot on your mind at the moment and you need some time alone to think things over. He will have to be dumb if he won’t pick the clue.


Not that, got lots of friends but this poking is just too much and its like they don’t read signs once you ignore them,

Hiyo ya Msa ni too much. Sometimes people there do not know what private space is.


If you need lessons enroll a class

:D:D the last time I heard that word was from the book with talking snakes.

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Can you be proud of who you are? Exergerate even, nigga you see this watch am wearing? It’s an omega sea master cost over 10 grand. Saa hiyo ni replica. :smiley:

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire or similar fiction?:wink:


If i were the same category y would they piss me off anyway?

Hi ndio shida ya watu ta ofisi…people trying to be friendly but kwake they are a nuisance if i have no time for someone i will tell them to the face not complain here