Poem of Man God: Jesus clarifies that no religion is ‘correct’ or ‘wrong’

According to Jesus, the key attribute that will determine everyone’s fate is that overlooked attribute called ‘charity’(Brotherly & Sisterly Divine Love). It doesn’t matter whether you are a Catholic, protestant, Muslim, heathen…etc.
So, once the end comes, expect to see a virtuous loving heathen being admitted to Heaven while a hypocritical/hateful christian is cast out.

Jesus Says:

A virtuous heathen, only because he lived according to choice virtue, convinced that his religion was good, will have Heaven at the end.

I will now reveal a great truth to you. Remember it. Hand it down to your

successors. Do not always wait for the Holy Spirit to clarify the truth after years

or centuries of darkness. Listen. You may say: “Then, what justice is there in

belonging to the holy religion, if at the end of the world we shall be treated

exactly as the Gentiles?” I reply to you: the same justice which there is and it is

true justice − for those who, although they belong to the holy religion, will not

be beatified, because they they did not lead a holy life. A virtuous heathen, only

because he lived according to choice virtue, convinced that his religion was

good, will have Heaven at the end. When? At the end of the world, when of the

four abodes of the dead, two only will remain: that is, Paradise and Hell.

Because Justice, at that time, will only be able to keep and give the two eternal

kingdoms to those, who from the tree of free will, chose good fruits or wanted

wicked ones. But what a long expectation before a virtuous heathen achieves

that reward!… Do You not think so? And that expectation, particularly from the

moment when Redemption will have taken place with all its consequent

wonders and the Gospel will have been preached all over the world, will be the

purgation of the souls which lived with justice in other religions, but were not

able to enter the true Faith, after they became acquainted with its existence and

the proof of its reality. Their abode will be Limbo for centuries and centuries,

until the end of the world. The believers in the true God, who were not

heroically holy, will have a long Purgatory, which may last until the end of the

world for some of them. But after expiating and waiting, the good, irrespective

of their provenance, will all sit at the right hand of God; the wicked, whichever

their provenance may be, at the left hand and then in the dreadful Hell, while the

Saviour will enter the eternal Kingdom with all the good souls.»

7 « Lord, forgive me if I do not understand. What You say is very difficult… at

least for me… You always say that You are the Saviour and that You will

redeem those who believe in You. So those who do not believe, either because

they did not know You, as they lived before You, or because − the world is so

large! − they had no news of You, how can they be saved?» asks Bartholomew.

« I told you: because of their just lives, of their good deeds, and through their

faith which they believe is the true one.»

« But they did not have recourse to the Saviour… »

« But the Saviour will suffer also for them. Do you not consider, Bartholomew,

what ample value My merits of Man-God will have?»

« My Lord, they will always be inferior to those of God, to those You have

always had.»

« Your reply is and is not correct. The merits of God are infinite, you say.

Everything is infinite in God. But God does not have any merits in the sense that

He has not merited. He has attributes, virtues of His own. He is He Who is:

Perfect, Infinite, Almighty. But to merit, it is necessary to do something, and

with effort, superior to our nature. For instance, to eat is not a merit. But to eat

frugally can become a merit, if we make real sacrifices, in order to give to the

poor what we save. It is no merit to be silent. But it becomes a merit if we are

quiet instead of retorting an insult. And so forth. Now, you know that God does

not need to make any effort, because He is Perfect, Infinite. But the Man-God

can make an effort by humiliating His infinite divine Nature within human

limitations, by defeating human nature, which is not absent or metaphorical, but

real, in Him, with all its senses and feelings, with its possibility of suffering and

dying, with its free will. No one loves death, particularly when it is painful,

untimely and undeserved. No one loves it. And yet, every man must die. So man

ought to look at death with the same calm with which he sees every living being

come to an end. Well, I force my Humanity to love death. Not only. But I chose

life to be able to have death. For the sake of Mankind. Thus, in my condition of

Man-God I gain those merits which I could not have gained if I had remained

God. And through them, which are infinite, because of the manner in which I

gain them, because of the divine Nature joined to the human nature, because of

the virtues of Charity and Obedience, with which I put Myself in condition to

deserve them, because of Fortitude, Justice, Temperance, Prudence, because of

all the virtues which I put in My heart to make it acceptable to God, My Father,

I will have infinite power, not only as God, but also as Man, Who sacrifices

Himself for the sake of everybody, that is, Who reaches the extreme limit of

Charity. It is sacrifice which gives merit. The greater the sacrifice, the greater

the merit. A complete merit for a complete sacrifice. Perfect merit for a perfect

sacrifice. And it may be used according to the holy will of the victim, to whom

the Father says: “Let it be as you wish!”, because the victim has loved both God

and his neighbour measurelessly. I tell you. The poorest man can be the richest

and benefit countless brothers, if he can love to the extent of sacrifice. I tell you:

even if you did not have a crumb of bread, a glass of water, a ragged garment,

you can always help. How? By praying and suffering for your brothers. Help

whom? Everybody. In which way? In a thousand holy ways, because if you can

love, you will be able to act, teach, forgive, administer as God does, and to

redeem, as the Man-God redeems.»

8 « O Lord, grant us that charity!» says John with a sigh.

« God gives you it, because He gives Himself to you. But you must receive it

and practise it more and more perfectly. No event is to be separated from

charity, as far as you are concerned. Both with regard to material and to spiritual

events. Everything is to be done with charity and for Charity. Sanctify your

actions, your days, put salt in your prayers, and light in your actions. Light,

flavour, sanctification are Charity. Without it rites are of no value, prayers are

vain, offerings false. I solemnly tell you that the smile with which a poor man

greets you as brothers is of greater value than a sack of money which one may

throw at your feet only to be noticed. Love, and God will always be with you.»

« Teach us how to love thus, Lord.»

« I have taught you for two years. Do what you see Me do and you will be in

Charity and Charity will be in you, and on you there will be the seal, the chrism,

the crown, which will really make you known as the ministers of God-Charity.

Let us stop now in this shady place. The grass is thick and long and the trees

mitigate the heat. We will proceed in the evening… »

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Link to this…please

I dont subscribe to this.the only authority is the bible why do you want to go past it.

“Do not always wait for the Holy Spirit to clarify the truth after years or centuries of darkness…”

Sounds blasphemous.

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@Davidee, so did God personally compose the bible?
So, according to you, all those who composed the bible were so holy that there cannot be any more holy people who are inspired by God in modern times?
Mind you, it’s fellow humans who decided what should be included in the Bible and what should not be included.
Or you are so insecure with your faith that anything new revelations is a no no for you? If early Christians were that insecure, there would be nothing like New Testament.

This is not the age of new revelations its the age of deception…furthermore any new revelation would come from what was alraedy written…what is known about this maria woman? You are like the adventists who elevate the works of ellen g white higher than the bible itself.

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I sensed a lot of biasness towards catholicism in her words…but her word play is exceptional other than that its nothing more than dry philosophical literature.

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If not utterance is to be added or altered in the Bible as commanded in revelations, why should we care about Valtorta? How true is this revelation?

Didn’t the council of Nicea remove whole books from the bible? And presumably to match their own agenda. I’m not even a Christian I’m just wondering if you are that selective about applying that verse.

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Btw, the works of this woman are in the index of prohibited books by the Vatican. As a practicing catholic, I can’t read it. Papa amesema ni mbaya. Kwa hivyo ni mbaya.

@ Karl Marx Thanks for this Continuity. I love it when I see negative replies because ONE GETS such reaction when the truth is told. We are a funny lot always seeking the truth and clarification of matters religion, when it is served the first thing is to condemn it. Just to clarify something. Maria was not very educated, IMAGINE THIS SHE WROTE SOME OF HER 15000 PAGES OF HER BOOK NOT IN A SYSTEMATIC MANNER but when compiled they fitted each other perfectly. SERIOUSLY in what other way do we want God to show himself to US???

In a simple universal manner.

How many people can read Maria’s 5,000 page volumes? Why doesn’t He do the same to me directly?

Hizo stories za Maria ni HEKAYA.

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@avatar God is not seeking us we are the one’s seeking God. The main problem with the middle-class people is this, you go to school,you read few books watch some movies make some little money and feel good about yourself until you reach a point where you want God to directly show himself to you or he is a No Show. Before the death of mother I was such a person. Your time will come and no one will force to say this THAT GOD YOU TRULY ARE GOD

I hate that the council of Nicea did what it did. Am not being selective but it’s difficult to know the truth.15000 pages of works that fit together is amazing but then what? If someone else writes such a compilation today elaborately and with charisma, would you believe it and attach similar credibility to it?

How do we know it’s the truth? I can’t just believe anything. And I pray for God’s guidance because anyone, anything can claim to be part of the truth we seek all our lives. Discerning such ain’t a simple matter.

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FYI, am a born-again Christian.

It’s true we have to seek God, but we will not find Him in every book we read. God has sufficiently exposed Himself in the Holy Bible. And as someone pointed out earlier, this isn’t an age of revelations. It is the age of deception. Be careful what you read in your quest for understanding God, lest the devil deceives you.

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Wow… @avatar that is the biggest about turn I have ever seen. if I may ask do you know who wrote the bible?.. If you are saved as you claim, it is our faith that brings us closer to God. if whatever I read makes me more faithful and draws me closer to God what is wrong with that. It makes me more faithful when I know that God still talks to us…

How do you tell it’s bringing you closer to your God and not another god?

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