Pocking a few holes into John Allan Namu's story.

This is from an earlier reply to Ismundu’s comment in another thread.

I believe that Namu’s Profiteer series is quite sensational at best. A journalist who cobbled up some few past highlight events and wants to pass them off as supreme journalism. A journalist reduced to peddling instagram and facebook stories already covered even right here on ktalk and trying to pass them on as new exclusives.

Lets not forget that this is the same John Allan Namu who very recently interviewed an ODM “I.T. expert” in 2013 in his quest to prove that Jubilee stole the election but a few years down the line the very same I.T. expert was in the docks in court arrested for hacking and stealing from banks. The hacker’s name I believe was Calvin Otieno Ogallo.

Police bust ring of hackers in multi-million shilling KRA, bank thefts | Nation

List Of Kenya's Most Notorious Banking Fraudsters

Ismundu’s Comment:


Ismundu on a second glance at the videos, this Namu series is pathetic & Completely Mediocre!

Hapa hakuna kitu mpya ameniambia that I didn’t already know. It reeks of desperation and an attempt to remain RELEVANT. Msidanganyike rahisi hivyo mkiwa na huyo fala anaitwa @PrimalFear.

This man Namu is a pale shadow of his old self. And he is competing in a digital world of breaking news with akina Alai and Meria mata.

Alai already told me recently on his blog about Monica and her “friend” the General weeks ago. Na hakuringa sana. Alisema na akaenda.

Now Allan Namu all of a sudden has become a blogger like Alai. Bringing me nothing new.

When you see a journalist trying to tell ten different “BIG” stories at ago and trying to link them all together. … sijui Monica Kimani… sijui Uhuru and the General… sijui rich boy swimming in money… it all reeks of desperation.

A real expose would’ve been if he could tell me how much money Monica Kimani was carrying and why she was killed.

Not copy pasting stories Alai told us week’s ago.

@IsMundu is it the first time ever that you saw that fat fellow swimming in money?? Those pictures were posted here years ago. As far back as 2016 there were posts here about the fat boy.

And those three fellows Namu bought a meal in Uganda, do they look like they handle BIG CASH??


Hao labda ni actors amelipa kwa hii movie yake. Watu wanameza chips na manjaa hivo? Boss usidanganyike.

Halafu wanabeba bag mzee za laptop…


When Namu was at KTN he had reach. Today he has to waylay the police spokesman at a party and draw him to a corner to ask him silly obvious questions.

He can’t procure an office interview at the police headquarters. He is not big time anymore. And he can’t very well go back to reading news at KTN and competing with the newly hired small children for peanuts.
Even Betty Kyalo has left.

You can tell his desperation when he throws his questions under the general’s gate. In the days of KTN proper, these Dinkas would have given the mighty Allan Namu an audience.

Things are thick. His friend Mohamed abandoned him and went into politics. Hakuna pesa kwa news.

His documentaries used to be discussed nationally for a whole week, today zinaletwa Sunday afternoon and not even at prime time jioni.

Then he brings me some obscure women who say that they saw men’s erections… hehehehe…

They saw men erecting ‘everiwea’. Mara she was stabbed… WHERE??? IN THE PUSSY???

Show us a doctor’s report.

Hawa ni actors nani. Hawa ni actors.

You show us a timberyard and one photo of what is supposed to be a forest in South Sudan.

I actually think Namu broke this short film of his into 3 parts because he was hoping for 3 cheques from KTN… ni kubaya.

If I was a producer at KTN I wouldn’t pay for such mediocrity. Just smearing people but no sufficient proof.

When I see KCB or Equity bank branches in Juba, obviously they are not banking money that belongs to chickens or goats…

Namu then sees a bunch of houses on facebook and instagram accounts of some kids and wants to pass it off as SPECTACULAR BREAKING NEWS!!

And he hasn’t even entered the compound and asked supporting questions…

He then drives around in his video pointing at people’s driveways, " That belongs to so and so…"


You didnt even talk to Museveni or Uhuru or Ruto so everything you’ve said remains mere accusations…


‘There is one man erectingi over theiya…’

And this lady in part 2, mwenye tumewekewa tumhurumie… na kwani siku hizi South Sudanese women wanaongea kama Wa Uganda?!

And they’ve become all brown and everything. And I’m not denying that the worst kind of atrocities have indeed been perpetrated in South Sudan but huyu hapana.

Those tears look fake.

“They erect and even rape other mensi and chudren…”

Where is this place? Juba?
Dadaab? Kakuma?

She says that she was raped as a 21 year old, this lady looks at least 45 or 46. Is she recounting events from the 90s or what? 1995 hakukuwa secession referendum.

The secession referendum was in 2011 and not the 90s or what secession campaign is she talking about?

And she used to work with Luka the journalist… who is much younger… and they were campaigning for secession??

And I thought there was some peace after the referendum before the next conflict.

I fully agree with your sentiments.That Profiteers BS that Allan Namu wanted to pass as ground breaking investigative journalism is mediocre to say the least.

I totally agree! I didn’t even finish watching the second one.

I thought the same,many headlines in one 20min clip…no no.relevance

Some of Namu’s stories are half-baked at best. I remember some time back when he was exposed by Kenya Police after he did a story about Felicien Kabuga hiding in Nairobi, which turned out to be completely false. The guy he claimed was Kabuga actually turned out to be a farmer somewhere in Central if i remember correctly. Total shame. And KTN went ahead to air the documentary without any verification whatsover.

So mnasema I shouldn’t watch it . Sawa. He should have come to me for evidence. I know a few kids of SS generals who would have given him info first hand.

My take is that those are real people he interviews undercover. But yes it sensationalism. There is really nothing new he says. And those property prices in Kampala seem kind of low. $60,000 for a affluent area seems cheap to me.
But I dont blame him for trying. At least he uis trying. It is difficult to carry out high end investigative journalism without a high end budget from huge media houses. A sign of a small budget is him doing everything, investigative work, narrative, etc.

Expose kama ya @Shiroe

You guys are missing the point there is a war going on in South Sudan and most of the people responsible are in Kenya. John hana makosa akimulika hao watu. You people seem to believe that the war in S.Sudan is a fabrication of the media . Kama ingekua
mzungu amefanya hii documentary you would all be praising him lakini since ni Mwafrika you discredit his work

Alisema one installment for the property ilikua $60,000, meaning there were other installments.

From his bedsitter in Kinoo, our very own keyboard warrior, who has never been to South Sudan or Northern Uganda, has more information than an actual journalist.

John Allan Namu alikutombea bibi buana? Since yesterday you’ve been obcessed with the dude. This post sounds very personal.

You disect one man’s warm based on a single project…base it on another’s comment. Then create a whole page.
Its ya right but it doesn’t have to be true. Only in your mind…
Facts,half truths and whole lies…a discourse is born

And according to these articles Teak is NOT indegenous to South Sudan or ‘NATURAL’ like Namu implied in his skit.

The Teak seedlings in South Sudan were planted by the British colonialists from 1919 to the 1940s.

And teak is not in short supply either. It is replanted aggressively in India and Indonesia and soon in South America.

Teak is only found growing NATURALLY in India, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. Those are the indegenous countries of teak. Huko ndio teak ilitoka.

And I quote:

" Teak seedlings were planted in the colonial era across the African continent, from Benin and Nigeria to Tanzania and South Sudan. Forestry expert Abdalla Gafaar dates the first plantation in South Sudan to 1919, at Kagelu, Central Equatoria. Planting activity intensified in the 1940s, across the Equatorias and Bahr el Ghazal."


In 2006 the South Sudan govt. handed out a 32 year concession to a foreign company Equitoria Teak Company (ETC) to invest in the teak in Western Equitoria region as shiwn in the link above and here below:


The Equitoria Teak Company website:


You don’t have to steal teak from South Sudan.

Ndio hio brochure if you want to buy teak from South Sudan:


Hehe najua ni kijana wenu si utulie. Hupendi kijana wenu akiguzwa hata kidogo? Ni dhambi?

Usidanganyike hivi hivi. If you want teak from South Sudan you can get it legally. Usidanganywe na your tribesman.

I would have exposed him never the less if his name was Mutuko or Ole Tunai or Mwangi or Mkacharo or Mohamed or Kipkurui.

If the story is weak, it’s weak.

If those are real SS rebel generals watampiga risasi

-Part 1 has leaa than 500k views… 2 and 3 have less than 200k combined…

-at some point he starts to talk about logging of trees… And i am like… Dude… Go to congo… Huko kuna logging… Hapa nyumbani kuna logging… In fact… The only place hakuna logging ni pale sahara…

-bottom line… He should have taken the bribe… Sa hii ange kua pale insta na slayqueens…

unajuaje sijaenda huko? hizo mbao tunazikanyaga kwa floor wacha hivo unataja bedsitter hapo.

Wewe kwanza umeguza elgon teak na mahogany na other hard woods na mkono hivi?! Kisha uchafue keja yako nayo.

Ama ile mbao mzito sana umeguza ni carvings huko kwenyu ukambani? umepapasa teak?