Ajinyonge …



Usiingie kwenye ndoa kama huwezi sustain a family. Big up to mgtow for not starting a family till you get your shit together

Hii yake I doubt it’s an issue of sustaining the family but rather spousal incompatibility

Hii statement hukuwa negative sana.Get a family and hustle to provide for them. There’s nothing like “getting your sh!t together” in the real world. Just be a decent human being and make decent plans for your family.

getting shit together before having a family makes sense, many people think just by having a family things will later work themselves out but this rarely happens if you were struggling to even be able to take care of yourself what makes you think you’ll be able to take care of two other people?.

That’s more of an excuse than a strategy.

of course there has to be a time limit for everything I mean you can’t always wait forever to be ready.

That guy and women.