PMS..Pre Monday Syndrome, My Worst Condition.....

Who knows any good thing about Monday? …Coz i can’t think of anything either…
This message is sponsored by crack, booze, and several psychological disorders

i need some vagina!!!any takers

kimbia goodhope upesi upesi

i was hoping @Purr_27 ama @Lola- ama @Elin could sort me out

Good hope ni wapi ?

@Purr_27 wacha maswali ya clinic , @junkie needs ur services…unamsort au haumsort??? Good hope itakusaidia na nini na all he wants uko nayo…

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@Purr_27 loves playing hard to get but its ok am a very patient man…one day soon i will taste that nectar

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river road, karibu na tahiti…opposite kericho

thou shalt not fcuk a talker…

It sounds like a children’s hme or smthing …wachana na junkie i have always had the idea hes married or something


no…it fills guys like @junkie with some good hope especially having such desires on a Monday


Hukusoma Cape of Good Hope in school? :D:D:D

not married yet but my love life is complicated as fuck…i just need an escape.please kichwa tu

I did it’s a region in SA

Pole sana kwa kuumwa na kichwa tu …wacha kufikiria sana :rolleyes::rolleyes:about love :D:D:D, n drink lots of water

my weekend starts today evening

you mean Sex Academy?


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