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Have you ever visited Uncle Sam city Githurai 44 along Kamiti Road? If you have never then do so. The party never stops here no police harassments. Forget the rumors there are no criminals inside and around the premises.
When youvwalk through this gate you have over 20 bars to choose from, over 10 wines and spirits and casinos n of course Pocket friendly hotels.
Accomodations is available and limited parkings
Everything is sold at the recommended retail price.

If you have not visited Uncle Sam then wewe bado ni mgeni Nairobi


It’s also packed with pickpockets hoes that spike drinks with mchele

Woi, ficha peasantry yako msee

That’s a den of pick pockets, hoodlums, cops and hóes with 564 years of experience in spiking drinks

they never use glasses there. chupa ama utakula mchele hapo kwa strippers.

Saw a similar post múkúrú kwa Zukerbaga

This sounds like someone is advertising something. Post this stuff else where it might be of great help to other…

shait! the last time I was there was exactly 20years ago when I stayed in the hood. That entrance was clear of any of those structures you see painted green. I had to read your text to believe you mean the same Uncle Sam I knew. Looks awfully congested and degraded.

Tunaingia na avocado na kablanketi

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