plots for sale vipingo @ 4m..genuine and best deal!!!


a scheme of 15 acres subdivided into 1/4 acre plots with internal roads . The scheme is highly intended for home owners with the idea of single-family detached homes as opposed to multi-storey apartment units. Investors can build cottages to tap into the tourism market as short/long-term rentals.

SITUATION: The subject plots are located within Vipingo,Kilifi County

It lies at approximate 1.7 kilometers due East of the turn off to Rea Vipingo Estate. It is second row from the beach

TENURE: Leasehold title is 999 years

SERVICES: Electricity and water mains are nearby for connection. Foul drainage

would be to septic tanks and soakage pits.

Access to the property is via an earth road branching eastwards of the tarmac surfaced Malindi highway at the turn off to Rea Vipingo Estate approximately 1.7 km

THE PLOT/S:This is a rectangular shaped, fairly level, loam coral infested soils plots

whose boundaries are marked by corner survey beacons. Borderlines are marked by the road reserve to the frontage and are open ended elsewhere.

ZONNING: Basically residential

IMPROVEMENTS:The plots are basically vacant i.e. have no structural improvements, save for light bush and grass.

REMARKS: These are second and third row beach property located in an area featuring various hotels that scour the beach line (see attached aerial view via google map attached)

The plots are ideal for construction of developments that complement the beach hotel to the first row e.g. cottages, holiday homes etc which is gaining ground in the neighbourhood.The subject plots have easy access to the beach.

It has the added advantage of being only a kilometer East of the world class Vipingo Ridge Golf Club/Estate, (which is now an airstrip for flight 540 for passengers avoiding the Makupa causeway jam in Mombasa county.)

KPA pension Scheme has bought 60 acre of land 2 kilometers from this area where an housing project will be constructed in the near future.

The plots are 1 kilometer from the ongoing construction of Utalii University which is due for completion.

Kenyatta University has bought more than 1000 acre some 5 kilometers away.

Centum which has bought Rea Vipingo sisal Estate is planning in future to construct the biggest housing project in Kenya.

Currently there is a developer putting up an estate which is 500 m from the plots.

Some prominent people have constructed holiday’s homes right at the beach front.

These properties have tended to appreciate in value generally( for speculative buying the value appreciate by more than 100% yearly).Upon the commencement of Utalii University two years ago property in this area appreciated by almost 300%.


The land and area has not been set aside for public use neither is it on a road reserve, on wetland nor in the Ndungu report.
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Wapi bei and who is selling, title number we do a search.

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1/4 in tibiku ngong…if interested inbox

LR NO: 5025/249 (ORIG.5025/9/135)

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Hehehe… Once, you, centum, KRA …develop the place the locals will get divinations from their prophets and invade the place like they did to Wamiti, Mpeketoni…,

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Coast has too many issues/risks.