Plot Speculation: Eastern Nairobi v. Kiambu v. Western Machakos v. Northern Kajiado?

In terms of ROI, which do you think are likely to be the most profitable investments in the near future (4+ years)?

Western Machakos

juja farm
Near thika eg gatuanyaga, Muthaara, kilimambogo
off Kenyatta road eg kimunyu

Northern Kajiado
kisearian, ngong, kimuka and nearby areas

Kenya is fast heading the Sri Lankan way, invest in assets you can quickly liquidate and run away from

I can vouch for Nothern Kajiado, places like Kimuka are rapidly opening up especially after the construction of that ngong-suswa road and the source of water from the tunnel that quenched the thirst of what used to be a dusty area.

Western kiambu as well, Kikuyu and its environs. Lots of infrastructure development opening that area rapidly. Southern and Western bypasses just to mention a few.

It’s true - tembea Kajiado uone mashamba kupick