Plex is the new Netflix

In my research down the internet rabithole i came to know about Plex… A Media server that organises and streams all your media for you…
Now with that said u can have your own media server and share it with friends just like you do with your Netflix account…
Since kuna watu maju they already have a media library they can share it with u either for free or at a small fee
So i stumbled upon a guy a few months back who shared his server with me…and my streaming experience changed for good… No more streaming movies kwa site za ufala with adds

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This is a library of only Tv series…My guy has over 4000 Tv shows updated on a daily basis

U want 4k movies??.. He has them…U want 4k Tv shows??,ziko

Anime for kids Ziko… Over 4000 Movies and tv shows and he has arranged them in order…for streaming enthusiasts like me who want the best quality stuff from the comfort of your seat this is the way to go

Streaming is seamless…niko kwa 10mbps ya Zuku and i am always streaming 1080p with no buffering…the experience is buttery smooth the interface is so clean nikama tu netflix and i am doing all this from my android box with the Plex app installed[ATTACH=full]343941[/ATTACH]

welcome to the club. you are basically streaming from his hard disk and one day maybe he will cut you off anyway you can build your own very easily and cheaply

building Mine movies only currently I’m at 312 movies. issue ni ati all my media is in 1080p HEVC 10 bit and therefore I can only direct play since transcoding them to H.264 is CPU intensive and Hardware decoding is not enabled since i need a plex pass preferably a lifetime one which cost like 15k also adding other users to my server requires that pass

Don’t get too comfortable, start investing in your own. You can even do that on your laptop and subsequently transition to a dedicated desktop PC or NAS if coins allow. When you start building yours, avoid those crappy stereo 2gb movies in my opinion.

How can one do this. And is it monetizable via ads?

:D:D:D:D Zii . unless you add users who are willing to pay a small fee every month

yeah, the sweet spot is HEVC. there are quality release groups such as UTR and PSA RIPS who release movies with 6 Channel & 8 channel tracks plus you get high quality picture quality with HEVC

Yeah, tafuta 4k bluray rips with decent sound quality and surround (you can check that on torrent description). HEVC will help reduce size but sometimes H264 might be the only option. Kitambo I used to think 40GB movie files were nonsense :D:D… after getting decent stuff for picture and sound I realized how wrong I was

By the way this is Emby not Plex. The latter has a different interface.

watu wa na tukae wapi?? apana tambua subscription services

He is actually doing it as a business so not any time soon…i am planing on putting up my own server

I have my own but it’s currently with a small library naongeza polepole tu

Yes its Emby…He has both up and running i have Plex too i want to transfer over to His plex server slot ikipatikana…emby na plex they are just similar…i just wrote plex ju it’s the most common used na haiko complicated like Emby

I have been thinking of getting a Nas Drive ya Synology… Lakini bei nayo… Alafu haiko locally so ku import ndio only option unless u know a few

Sasa i tried another day kusaidia watu na site ikona this kind of quality stuff plus private trackers as a bonus… Nilipata backlash mbaya

Transcoding ni noma ata they guy tells people to avoid transcoding…He has alot of 4k movies so ame set up server in a way that ukitry ku transcode it just kicks u out automatically…u can transcode 1080p and lower…4k ni direct play

I am also saving up to buy Plex pass lifetime alafu nataka Nas Drive preferably as my server