please tell me that there is a remebdy for this

since we cannot criticize a court ruling,we are left with one choice…pray for that judge…honestly how do you jail a 100yers cucu???how???is this what we call justice???

Aaah this is just low. How does the judge live with herself??

Anglo leasing/Goldenberg/Triton/Chicken Gate/Mpigs Bribery and many more - we have our priorities screwed!!

iyo ni upuzi granny kufungwa jela?!?!?!

That judge is a despicable dolt.

Wacha shosho akule maharagwe… law is law

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Hio ni hujma

Grannies are also bound by the laws since they are adults. Hakunanga exit ya adulthood except death.

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A coin has three sides, probably the granny is a grumpy one and thought that her seniority gave her more authority than the judge.

In kwale , a man was jailed for 6months for stealing two packets of ground nuts in a supermarket…let that sink in…Now a public Officer steals millions/billions
of taxpayers money then we foolishly go “tribal” and “political”…why isnt anyone protesting that the guy who stole ground nuts is from their tribe?

Raila si alisema koti bandia na hakufungwa. Mshosho hana nguvu

Lady Justice Florence Muchemi <---- thats the name of the judge. Imagine na ni mwanamke. No feelings No remorse alafu makesi za land grabber Ruto utupiliwa mbali

Money is power,sad but true huyo judge hana utu.

That just low for the judge

Sheria ni mshumeno ,

isnt there anything that can be done…an appeal or something…that cucu hawezi potea unless she takes a detour to Heaven…but possibly wanataka a pass kwa haraka…

unless hauna akili…seniors are respected all over the not a judge but this is not fair…

That’s way it is when you steal small stuff .
He would have walked away if he had stolen the whole supermarket.

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#release our cucu

wewe…kama cuc wa 100 years anafungwa na wewe je??