Please tell me it’s fake news!!


there you go. thats why covid had to come. and why it will have to stay regardless of the pretence of toughness

Wacha watu wanukishe kitunguu

Moses Odhiambo is a talker


Wacha wivu

Don’t think it’s been spent yet!

You can tell by how M.o.H is trying to magnify the issue. G.o.K want us sick, lakini Sir Jah amekataa hio maneno.

There is an extra component the rulers are depending on. When citizens have some wealth to survive on they are very hard to control.
After this pandemic the economy will be very bad. Citizens will be easy to control


The title was sensational. They have now changed it to:
[SIZE=7]Sh40 billion disbursed for Covid-19 response - Yatani[/SIZE]

this is not even fake news but idiotic news

That’s why they aren’t that keen to appoint an Auditor General even in an acting capacity.
And never have we had such a useless Parliament.

ati ngapi wadau aiiiiiiiii?

had not seent he star wah jameni…may God intervene