Please stop loving me, part 2

Read part one first, my fren.

Your kiss got me looking so crazy right now !
You can guess the year from that, if you are old enough. The lyrics to that song captured my mood. I was crazy about Ann. As soon as my alarm rang, I searched for her messages before I read the news. I talked to her before I talked to my boss.
For the next few months, we kept meeting in hotels and in my car until I realised it was cheaper to get her a place of her own. She clapped in excitement at my suggestion and we drove around a few places. Eventually, we settled on a small flat in Zimmerman. She moved in with my help.
At home, the ice had broken but instead of water, it turned into steam. The happier I was with Ann, the more angry the arguments became. She became my therapist and confessional priestess. In turn, I helped with her bills and study problems. I spent more and more time with her.
We fell easily into a routine. I went to her place on Friday and left just before dawn. On Saturday we went for movies or dates. On Sunday I played happy families at our church.
Ann seemed to enjoy this routine. She was free all week yet had someone to enjoy the weekend with who actually had money. I asked her what she thought about my situation and she was philosophical about it. She knew I was trapped.
My hit and run mission was not going well. I felt at home in our little flat rather than the mansion I lived in for years. There was more hitting than running. It had not taken long for me to stop using condoms and for her to start using the pill.
One fateful Friday, I left my phone out of my pocket and went downstairs. A message beeped. When I came back up, the phone was in my wife’s hand. The screen lock meant she couldn’t read the messages but she saw the name Ann. We argued violently until the house help came running up the stairs, concerned. I stormed out of the house and as soon as I got in the car, I called Ann.
I had to see her. I told her to miss classes and I would come over. I called in sick at work and my boss voiced his concern over my health. In my head I said this was nothing a good bed session with Ann couldn’t fix but my mouth said a good bed rest.
When I got to her place, she was wrapped in a towel, fresh from the bath. She smelled of citrus and flowers. My anger made me strong and I lifted her off her feet. She grabbed my neck and kissed me deeply.
I took five huge steps and reached her bed. I flung her in the middle of the bed and her towel flew off. I nearly ripped my clothes off in my haste. I crouched over her like a beast of prey.
Grabbing her knees and pushing them apart, I devoured her centre until she held my head and pulled me up. I licked a path up to her mouth and kissed her hard.
I pushed inside her with urgency. She pushed right back. All my tension made my back coil like a spring. Her hips coiled upwards and she met every stroke. She let me in deeper than ever before. Her legs twisted around mine and she tore shreds off my back with her nails.
We became one beast joined at the hip. I felt like someone who jumped off a plane without a parachute and was clinging to another as we both plunged towards the hard ground.
My breath shortened and I felt my heart beat like a drum. As I approached climax I felt so emotional I moaned
Baby, I love this so much.
She must have heard me wrong because she replied
Baby, I love you too, so much.
Saying this pushed her over the edge and I felt her quiver and squeeze me in so tightly. She grabbed my neck tightly and locked her legs around me. I felt my climax flow out of me and into her. I felt it drip down her thighs, mixing with her own libations.
We were locked like this for many minutes. Eventually, we separated and she lay on my chest. I felt tears drop and thought to myself -
What have you done ???

@pseudonym , part 2 is here and I think BT, matches u to the lyrics:D:D

I can see that… :D:D:D:D

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I knew this would happen one day, since the days of old, the founding fathers laid down the cannons, that the act is the same, no new tactics have emerged in half a century, but the context is what changes. Then pseudonym came and tore up those commandments and spit on them and the masses cheered. Now we have others follow her path. All ye moses your time is up, step aside for Joshua now.
Great read though. Keep them coming

Leo mumeamua ni erotica tu tutasoma asubuhi???ffs some of us are single na mnatuumiza…ni hujuma

Nice read,pewa like

I want to read more @Baba Toto …I don’t care whether its erotic or on a sat morning… How’s the relationship though??? Ama u still trapped

Kwani jirani hana mboch?


tuna heshima zetu coombafu hii