Please i need spiritual help...

Hallo, i need help which am willing to pay for if necessary. Is there any ranch in Nairobi where an
individual or two people can go and feed, touch and interact with cows? and dogs? I really need it
for spiritual purposes according to Hindi tradition.
In India most animals are considered sacred. They are treated with respect and are fed out of love and devotion.
For instance a Cow - is the best example of a selfless creature. It provides us more than what it takes. Hence called Gaumata,
which gives it a meaning of mother. I have to feed it to pay respect to the ancestors. If the cow accepts the food, i will know
that I am in my ancestors’ good books. If the cow rejects the food, then it means my ancestors are unhappy and i will head home
straight away and perform additional cleansing. Any contacts, websites, links, please?



Wow, we learn something new here everyday. Must it be in Nairobi ?

unaeza lisha Ng’ombe Narok mwezi?

i live in westlands and due to the travel restrictions and lockdown, i will be forced to perform the sacred act here in Nairobi.

do you have a ranch in Narok? am afraid it will be difficult to travel all the way. do you have a contact or familiar with a place here in Nairobi?

Ingia hapa Laikipia na utapata ng’ombe wengi sana

God loves you. You dont need to do anything to please Him. He wants you to join His family .

Hii fanya tu after Covid lockdown. Alafu, whats the use of the dog?

Ukistaajabu ya Yesu hujaona ya Krishna.

Kuja kamulu joska kuna ngombe mingi sana. Hatuna mtu wa kuzilisha.